Nov 29, 2013

What Looks Do You Love?

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Hey! Hey!
I am back since a year i was so vacuum and so long time n see you all beauty blogger, all fashion blogger at my home. 

So much adaptation with my task at the office, with many people in Borneo. You know that Borneo Island so influence me. Hhaha. I am trying to loved this city called Balikpapan. With no fashion histories, just Everbest and Gaudi which is a lot of high end.

For many store, you cant even found Centro or Debenhams.

There are just Matahari Department Store. And just in this Borneo, the Matahari Dept Store looks interesting and futuristic -,-


In my pleasure time, i was starting to play with makeup. So bored and not in a good mood, then suddenly in a epic situation in a random think i wanna fulfil my blog again. 

So so sorry for people followed me but i am not even care with my blog for 1 year.
Yeah i cant promise to fill this blog continously, but maybe in any other random things again, i would :D

Thats my challenges of the red lipstick and the nudes one. 
So playing with any other looks of makeup.

so here we go !

Bahahahaa... this is my natural face. No make up. I am going to play with the brushes, eyeshadow, and all the colors of my face!

Bring it on.

The first step is i am using my palete makeup, 32 MAC Makeup Artist Pallete. Is that right that i have ever post the color of this palete?

I seldom used it for one year recently, cause i am not a customer service in this bank company. 
Since i am analyst of consumer loan, i can say that i never used a make up everyday, however there is many makeup kit at my room that i was brought from Jakarta  to Balikpapan.

The second step absolutely blending your face with the suitable foundie. All what you want that suit with your sensitive skin. 
Blending and Blending until you found that you are not using 5cm powder >.<

Then the third is playing with your beauty eyes!
smokey always looks so "greng" hahahaa

Fourth please using your concealer for the dark circle and shading in your side cheek so you can get the haggard effect.


Then fifth is play with your blush on. I am using the pinky ones for blending with the brown shading and the result so beauty!

Lalalala the sixth is the part one makeup for no finishing!

fufufu... then we play with the looks of the lips.


I am so introduce my self to be a nice girl and the calm one. Right?
So natural looks, i bet many boy like this looks, cause most of all like the girl which is have a simple look and being beauty with the inner than outer. And you know what? But most of women, really like a challenges, a nail art, a red lips, etc and experimenting with the color. But most of man dont like that much! real?


Absolutely with the red ones.

in my words, it' a rawr mode


Now, what do you think?

See you in a other post!

xoxo, gregarious angel.

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