Sep 29, 2015

Rendang Recipe

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I made rendang!
Actually, this is the second chance i made rendang. 

From many kind of recipes, i found the best from
They explain anything clearly and easy to cook.

See that, i used the technic of frying the meat and the result was so good. 
I'm pretty happy!

So this is my saturday, playing with rendang. After 3 hours waiting for the meat goin well-done.
ps, i added 8 chilies when the coconut mink gonna shrink. So, the rendang looks so hot. see this? hahahahaa

I use baby big potatoes, cause i didnt found baby potatoes ;(

Sooo HOTtes rendang ever! 

Wanna join?

Sep 27, 2015

FOTD : Aphrodite make up

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It's gonna be a long day when you're at office hours so i give my weekend a gift toward the busy day.

I was done with usual makeup, so i wanna get out from the flattered makeup to antimainstream. I found something interested in IG and this the step by step making the eyes up.

IG is like you see, from wakeup and makeup. They gimme a step by step for the bold eyes and starting from blending your eyes with the nude color.

After that, use the pencil eyeliner or autopen in the bottom of eyelid. This is the perk of bold eye, using a matt eyeliner pencil or you wont have a perfect look.

Dontforget the brown eyebrow. hahahaha

And then so, just make a cat under eyes in the lining of eyeliner like a half moon.

Blending it to be like straight, and final step is mascara.

So i practice the looks and found my eyes like

i used DD CreamWardah like i said before "Sebaiknya wardah gausa bikin produk ini lagi"
I dunno why i used it, just because the tone really brighter than my  other foundie.

I do like eyebrow in a dark brown (Viva eyebrow in dark brown) . Hihi. 
Then i use the nude brown shadows ( Sariayu eyeshadow pallete Trend Warna 2012)

And everythings like i use LT pro Lipstick Pallete and the color waw so riche!

I'm gonna takes my time for a beautiful scenery

Time to make over the Aphrodite so she could met Hercules

nice arms, right? -____-

Feeling so heaven! i always have a better heart after make over with anykind of makeup looks, eventhought i'm not that pro than any others blogger. lol.

Thanks for viewing! xoxo, nitahakeem

Sep 3, 2015

FOTD Simply Makeup for dates

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Thanks for still reading my blog eventhough i wasnt show off for a long day. ;((

Btw, i'm not busy, i just have no something to fill in the desktop and taking editing my pics.

But you have so many pleasant for waiting my next article.

I wanna show bout the simply makeup for dating with your boyfriend. This is makeup i choose from instagram.

Simply and cute , right??
I really go in with this tutorial while practicing like a happiness.

The details of my makeup. 

i've got the weapon of unbold eyebrows, pink lipstick, and white peachy eyeshadow to my face. Hello i practice this at my room after waking up and bored eventually.

My tools is :
1. Nyx beautybox Kit All I've Ever Wanted
2. Lipstick Etude Lips and Cheek in rosy pink
3. Viva eyebrows in Brown
4. La tulipe blush on in peach
5. Maybelline liquid eyeliner.

This is my fully photo ready.

Oh lala my prince, just take me out of home!

I ready for the date and you absolutely could. <3

Sorry i'm not giving a tutorial enough, i was too tied up for editing, so i thought that the pics explain cleary cause i just using a simply makeup, not too bold and just for daily date.

btw.... do i look younger with this hair? hihihi...

xoxo, nitahakeem


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