Nov 13, 2014

The moment of sketch

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Did i've ever mention i was in an accident when senior high school then stopped drawing? 

And for the last post i've ever scan my own comics.😙

we can called it "serial cantik"

after the accident i have no feeling bout draw, even sketch. I'm following my passion to write novels, and now suddenly i wanna sketch again.

I know that today isnt same as yesterday. Absolutely my right hand. For now, this hand rather be stiff for drawing. Not as flexible as before.

but i dunno... i prefer try.. 
just in case, i really need to express my feelings bout someone .

one day, i met someone in another place here. just a general first impression, not expecially as i was staring at interested person.

then for the other day, for any occasion bout my baby car, my scarlett, i need someone to help me unlock the key of my friends home. 😅

i met him again for the second, which is before i have invited his bb pin for asking a help.

Starting from that day, we make a friendship as usual. We told anything each other. Sometimes sharing personal life, sometimes talking bad, sometimes talking bout history.

i get closer to him, but my logics said to stop. 

Said to stop cause we both in the same company, and i've never want an affair inside. Why? cause everything will be broken when someday we breakup for several reason. This company is the biggest. I know. But to fall in love with the man inside is the last choice for me. Althought for several moment i planned to out from this company exactly, but not because i'm in love -__- hahahaa.
Which was for paralel relationship, i get closer with anyone else at the same time. 😝

just because my logic said that i cant be a woman for falling no commitment, so i set my self free get closer with another guy without limited.

then i stopped.

until one day, he looked upset for something i realized, but i have no talk to him for a week. just trying to ignore. as my brain said,"who is he you want to know his bussines? get away lah.."

i got away. 

then suddenly he said to me "something" that i laughed at. 
as a flirt ? as a jokes? we usually do that, just for fun.

but in other moment after 2 weeks, he said that was true. And i still have no trust bout the statement.

because so many reason i cant believe a man word, moreover he was inner his circle in path for posting our photo to avoid from one girl.

he taken an apologize. then i give him a chance.

a chance to built a trust into me.

24 september, grand senyiur lounge, i give myself a chance and he is either.

I give myself an allowance to break my rules again, inside this company. To take a risk for whatever reason. For falling in love with someone outer my circle city.

And i give him an allowance to get my faith back. A trustworthy. 

For a reason that, i realize something... we both have some similiarity in a big differences. Hard differential. But yeah , every relationship needs sacrifice. :) 

and we are still going.

someone ever told me bout her boyfriend,"I dont care bout your past. Sometimes the moment i dont need to ask. The most important thing is how you treat me now, cause i'm falling... i'm falling in you now, not with your past."

literally , i am still the one no expectation. But yes, for the future, woman need a certainty. Certainty bout person she is in love with. Someday, not now :) 

everything still going.

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