Sep 21, 2013

Life Recently To Be a Depressed Banker

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Uhm, i wish i could say that i have my own life here to be good eventough my network not down very often all the day!

I hate this. Cause it makes me depressed and choose to be at the office very late using wifi everyday.

The Blackberry.
Gtab Connection.
And also my modem.

Its sooo crap hereee... why there is no better connection in Kalimantan when Jawa and Sumatra do??

ahh... i need a vacation...

Yah, maybe for Derawan in Kalimantan?

but the place i wanted to go by the way is Brunei Darussalam..
hahaha... idont know, someplace that i was dream to visit since i was a little girl is Brunei. Some people ask me why, but i have no  good answer than a place i want to go,i have to go. Thats it.

to tell the truth is i miss my home.

i miss my red car.

who's treat my red car when i am not there??

i was really afraid of,


sometimes i wanna take my car to be here, if i dont realize that my rent house is not capable to pick this up.

I have no garage. And the last probability i have to do is parking my car in front of the house.

No no no no no,

How  could i broke my car with any posible things about the outsiders when my plat is L?

This is Balikpapan. This is not my own city.

I may be a queen of my city, buyt when i wasnt in my parents area, i am nobody.

I may be the daughter of  "someone" in Surabaya, but in this city, i am just who i am.

The one who doesnt know me maybe hurt me for several reason, and i am not fighting for another reason. I have no backup here. Like i have all in my city.

But thats great. I change.

The only things that i realize about my self is changing to be another person. Say good bye to selfish. To be a liar. To be an it girl, huh?

i will do with all my power. What i have to do, until when i am done.

Just about if you wanna to do whats going on my life recently?

the best thing i have a soul of to be a banker is i have you all. I have US. No matter what, we concsistency to help. We consistency be fight in this world. No matter we were go home tenggo or not? :p

So thanks to be here, to be with my little soul.

To be a spirit booster.


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