Apr 21, 2015

Review DD Cream Wardah

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Hi, now i'm back with a kind of review bout makeup cream. Did you know about CC Cream? Covered Cream is such as vitamin mineral covering your face like "morning cream"
So you should use a lil bit powder after.

This Wardah DD Cream has 2 tone, light and natural. I choose the first cause i need a little bit brightening everyday and for shading a bit to my daily makeup.

Anyway, DD cream is the next research after CC cream, they said it's a new formula!

Now please see this article about the differences (i use article in indonesian)

Can you get the keyword? for me Bb cream is like a bany foundie to cover the face, which is foundie-moist-spf become one package!

But the different things bout CC cream is they all have formula of WATERPROFF

then there is a DD cream that claim Dynamic Do All!
It means so general right? And totally from many article the beauty advisor said the new formula is ANTI AGING.

So you get the word?

Bb cream-Waterproff-Anti aging is a DD CREAM!

And how about this product??
Hehe... You wanna know? Ok, i'll explain my review.

From wardah, i found that Bb cream and Dd cream have a differences of using powder. The BA said that you shouldnt use powder in Bb cream cause it's more cakey than DD cream. But Dd cream suggests to use a lil bit just for finishing covered.

For me this DD cream explain all the things we want.
But to said that this is the best is a big No, 
in affordable things, yep it's right, this is better than all foundie.
But for the best DD cream absolutely there is still formula obviously better , like korean brand maybe?

First , is bout covering

I publish my bad bareface after i do facial by myself. I'm just the one who hate spa and salon to treat my self cause of waiting time. I hate waiting. hihi. So i always treat myself at room, it's more efficient!

You look at that, before using DD cream which is totally moisture-foundation, i use my acne moist cause i have a wtf pimples in my forehead.

Annoying face. hahahahahha. This is the light tone i covered. No 01 light on DD cream wardah i use as shading for saturday double date with my friends. You see that i use the dark shading too?
Even it's more brightening tone, it covered good at my skin tone. 

Look at the pic under! i have done with my shading then blush and lipstick from wardah too "rosy pink" in exclusive lips.

My bad habit is, sometimes i always get into sleepy time if i'm gonna date. Thats why i put my makeup to make my face more interesting, but like this pic, the aura still as sleepy as hell -_-

I love the covered by the way. Iy covered my pimples indoor and outdoor. I use like much the foundie right??

then this is the 5 hours after, the moist coming in to our face. It absorbs better and face totally still covered naturally. Finishing still ok. Not as same as the first you applied, but after 5 hours, the foundie still look-able in a natural way. Just touch up with powder and voila !

The day after, i use in a very little cream to my face and there is the covered, as same as morning cream usually. Not too high like a foundie

Btw, what i hate to this product is... too hot to my skin. I wonder there are more vit C which is hotter than any formula.

I have an oily skin, so if you use DD cream which is more more moist formula, you wont be too comfort as use as bb cream (which is a lil bit cakey with enough formula.)

Hot Hot, my face getting hot but it's not break to your skin. Just there is to much fprmula that makes my pily fave need to touch up by powder.

But if i used it as a morning cream like you see the last pics, i'm not getting hot in skin later. 

This wardah has spf 30. So 30*10 minutes is how long the spf could protect the skin from  UV A and UV B.

Conclusion is, affordable things to buy ? yes! in a daily work? yes! Oily skin? use a bit, for foundie just add the powder! Price? under 30k i forgot! lol

xoxo, nitahakeem

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inna christna said...

cakeppp sis...
good review!!
saya juga pake DD cream wardah nih :)

salam kenal

Sitha said...

murah bangeeeet, jadi penasaran pengen coba. eh ngomong2, di beberapa foto kamu keliatan mirip melek yg di sinetron elif deh. matanya sama2 sayu kalem gitu.. salam kenal yaa :)

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