Apr 12, 2015

FOTD weekday vs weekend

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And about the beauty, makeup still easier to buy.

I was hiding on my bored day in order to increase moodboster. And the moodboster all always about the makeup, one day i will make an fotd from instagram (totally from MUA) 
and could i wishes that i really really wanna be my own makeup artist for my wedding??
hihihi *shy*

i think not.

Huhuhu.... :'))))
*laughing tears*

the first, what if i take my blush for the weekdays in my office, in my natural face  and just split my make up to keep shiny and good.

Weekdays Fotd: 

styling face just with the viva eyebrow and lipshine from wardah. This look i applied almost everyday cause of avoiding an eyeliner (i'm still afraid with infection of the bad cendo)

and the next is :

baaa! the eyebrow is bolder than under picture. lol. and i applied eyeliner.

Eyeliner : Maybeline black hypergloss
Lip : Wardah pallete and Etude liptint dear darling
Eyebrow : Viva brown
Face : kind of Spf and Cussons Baby.

Then in the weekend i use more more glowing face makeup to represent my lovely day!

i use foundie from Sariayu kuning gading ( then btw i got break out, cause of me) I suggest you to apply alcohol 70% in your face or the cold ice to avoid some acne which will coming soon.

I'm shading my face with the eyeshadow from Etude dark brown single eyeshadow. Then apply Etude blush lips and cheek.

For the eyes, i use a highlight glittering (forgot about the brand) in the upper eyes for more glowing and in the highest cheek after blushing, or you could combine together in order to glowing looks.

Natural and pink boyish right? 

The eyeshadow just from Red A.
Haahahhaha i use the lower afford brand sometimes. Yeah, you cant said that the lower brand cosmetic isnt good at all, sometimes when we combine, you will find a bright good color in your skin. Dont judge the brand cause of the sensitive skin.

But also for the cosmetics, i said that the highest brand always adorable. hehheehhe

Happy weekend day, brace the weekdays after! xoxo, nitahakeem

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