Jun 17, 2016

I've got an Acnes!

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Hello, sorry for having been there for almost 2 months! I really appreciate you re willing to wait my next article bout life and beauty. Btw i feel not beauty at all, recently. There are more acnes to my face and it sudden after i've got a long trip to Sby Jogja for 2 weeks.

Yes. one day i try any other skincare from Dr. Cantik near to my house and realized for a month that i do not really have a clear skin before and after. As you saw in other post before, i have no problem of acnes, scars, comedogenic, etc. But after using that skincare, whatever otherhand said about detox, i dont believe it. I really not appreciate the skincare which breaks me out just for maintenance step.

When the cream isnt okay to my faces then the result is :

This pics taken from 15 Mei

I was so desperated to cure my problems and doing facial to London Beauty Center for facial and peeling, and 2 weeks later go to Erme Beauty Centre for facial gold. I dont know why this is so awful for me cause i'm not usually got acne like ever like this in my life. 
I was trying every single product of acne, like Benzolac 2,5%, Clean and Clear, and Tea Tree Oil. 

I will review it for the first Benzolac. This is the faster acne collapse. I use it in 3 days and the acne's gone. But the bad part of doing this is red mark which still in. I have done use it before doing facial ahead.

The second is i combine any of this and this is work without leave behind red scar.

I use the Body Shop tea tree oil for 10 minutes then i added a gel of acne Clean And Clear. Really works for me for tipsing all of you!

This method works not as fast as benzoyl but i prefer it cause there is no red mark to my acne. And yes, i still need some times to be patient curing the acne problems.

30 Juli, I taken this pics which my acne a lil bit gone. Still there is a mark from benzoyl btw... yes it's not yet gone anyway 😹

13 Aug, the red marks lil bit gone. But still not okay. And i have another half single acne recover

Really not good if you re trying some product and the problems attack. So in my principle now, not again to try other product i'm not sure on. Fiuhhhhhh.

Acne make us feel badmood. Make me so angry suddenly cause of the circumstances. Inconfidently. And anything moreover baddas cause acne problem.

Be watch out for trying any product after you are upper 25 years old!


May 8, 2016

Review Frank Scrub : Shopee Indonesia

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Holla! have ever tried the most phenomenon international scrub??

Frank Scrub is the answer! This is totally awesome scrub i have!

One day my friend gimme a sample of her scrub from 200gr (full size) which prices 280-325 rupiahs. First trial, i looo loove this happening scrub.
So i searched every sample of franks scrub just because i wanna try all variant to my face, body and other. 

I try Shopee too... this is indonesian e-commerce online shop like Lazada online shopping.

Frank scrub claims that strechmark, acne, scars will be decreased in once experience.

And once i try, this is timeless powerfull!

...this is my experience using shopee

Shopee has any report of your items in shopping list, when it will delivered, and the deadline it has to come to your home.

You dont have to follow the store for order btw..

After all items come to my home, i use it in the body and voila, the scrub really bulky but it give the smooth effect to your body after applied. 

I do not irritating with the scrub, comfortly  because i have a  thick epidermis which have to exfoliate asap.

To my face, i combined with my favourite masks.

That variants i have! so which one u choose?

All my weapon to be beauty and i choose peppermint.

Cleaning your face the first before apply the mask scrub.

Let it gooo:

The mask over with the scrub. This is giving much better effect in your face.

You can see the bulky scrub right? 

Let it be 20 minutes of life and then wash your face with particular massaging, cycling your face like a round to get a relaxation ever. 

I've never meet a good scrub like this btw .. really serious it will decrease your scar and acne.
Worth trying laaahh...

my rating is 5 from 5

Thanks to shopee indonesia and the sample frank scrub from the store!

Review SK II LXP Ultimate Perfecting Eyecream

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Heellooo.... for the next post, i'll review bout many sample of eyecreams for under eye treatment. 

I'll keep doing this because in on going age, i guess the eyes getting tired and super badly effect.

"Good eyes are represented of life."

Especially for me, what i have is a heirs.  Daddy has same eyes like me, we have a strength line around the eyes and no fatty things there.

I'm getting old, and being older is a momoc for a woman. So i use the eye treatment for reducing the big problem of looking not younger. hihi

Now i try the Sk 2 ultimate perfecting eye cream. I try for one sachet sample for a week.

Just about 0.5 gr / each i feel better after the first trial.

I have no evidence here by the pics, cause i guess you'll see there is no difference before and after. 

If you found it, it just really a bit good effect.

Looking at my wrinkle and strength lines?

Still better with the after pics, however this is an eyetreatment, not a magician cream. But the most feeling i've ever had is, i really love the moisture effect of sk 2 lxp. 

When applied at night, that cream isnt oily. It absorbs deeply to my under and  upper eyes really fastly. After good dreaming story, you will awake with the fresh eyes area. Like eyes wide open. 

Btw i have a dark circle not because of less sleepnight but this is my characteristic. I have no fatty under eyes, so it will cause a concave that make it look like darker. There is no other way than filler / botox to make my eyes younger (said the doctor) but as long as we still not 40++ worth to try is an eye treatment than repaired to aesthetic clinic.

Good eyes make you look younger! And i need this as a credit analyze who's always starring at computer huhu, i often bug out with maximal accomodation.

After try this item, sooner effect is fresh on eyes, feel bulky undereyes (just feel, nor the evidence) , brighter (even not really has a big difference).
Smells good, not too disturb our nose.

Btw you will feel different even in one trial.

Good product from sk2 which is i'm not tune in FTE. huhu

Repurchase? still considering any other eyecream cause i need a brenchmarking. Especially for kiehl eye cream.

xoxo, nitahakeem

Review Borjouis Rouge Edition Velvet

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Have you tried this one ? a borjouis lipstick which is happening in online shop in the end of year 2015!

from the valid store we got 188k rupiahs, but from the ol shop we got 220-250k rupiah.

Really nice right? i said this is the hottest ever borjouis product. I've never met that other product of Borjouis goin sold out like this!

First, introduce the varians from the web of our big indo beauty blogger 

From that swatch, you can choose which one color you are starring. 
Me , starring at no 01 and 02.

From Alodita, she's swatch in her lips which is really2 pink fresh lips ever. Cause she has a white skin tone.
Me? noooo

I have the dark lips.

My bare lips never getting better than this tone. So i try no 01 first, in Hot Pepper. The red is on the show!

To see the differences, i give you the pics with still bare upper lips.

A light red lipstick. This is fabulous btw.

I'm not afraid using red if only have no makeup mood to my office. Yeah, sometimes it happens everytime. I do lazy to put my makeup on evertime.

Over pigmented. Yes. This is a liquid lipstick, you can use it like a liptint as korean people use, or like western use to all the lips, like i did under pics.

Adore of the smooth textur. Eventhough the lipstick is matte, this is moisturizing our lips.

Lemme tell you that the smell of this product is a lil bit disturb, it's like a chemical something.--> note

Then i try no 02 Framburjoice

As i said bout pigmented, you've got it! The pink color never ever been die! I love the fuschia pink tone. Really smoothly in my lips.

Alright then i wanna swatch this at my hand, this is the hottest 01 and 02

first line is frambourjouise and the second line is hot pepper.

What can i say is this is really matte and stay longlast in the lips. No one can upset bout the staying power bourjouis rouge velvet edition. 

But if you have a sensitive lips, i guess the dry lips will come. So better try in the store before you buy. Be smart buyer! 

Feb 20, 2016

Review Lulur Bali O Bali Body Scrub

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Hello todays when everyone in the world speaking bout LGBT marriages, i'll review my other bodyscrubs.

Ini adalah produk lulur bali aroma kiwi yang gue pilih karena wangi nya ga menusuk dibanding aroma lain yaitu Goat, milk, bengkuang, coffe, coklat.

Khusus untuk lulur ini butirannya amat sangat crunchy. Bisa dilihat kalo pasir scrub nya banyak dan nampak kasat mata.

Selain pilih kiwi karena aromanya paling fresh scent, karena antioksidannya dibutuhin kulit untk regenasi lanjut.

Bagaimana cara pakainya? 
sama seperti lulur bali pada umumnya, diratakan ketika kulit kering, diam sebentar, lalu digosok dan dipijat sampai daki berjatuhan.

Ini tekstur aslinya ketika sudah berbaur dengan kulit dan waktunya digosok sambil pijat melingkar.

Dih enak banget ya kalo emang ada yg scrub-in seminggu dua kali. Surga banget. hihi. Btw, gue beberapa kali pake ini, review gue bodyscrub ini iritating. Gue mengalami beberapa merah2 kukit karena alergi. Ga parah sih, cuma dg butir scrub yang selevel purbasari entah kenapa kulit gue merah dan gatal, beda dg kalo pake Purbasari.

Price di kisaran 10rb utk ukuran kecil mini dan travel friendly. Kayaknya emang enak pergi2 bawa lulur kecil daripada sabun karena resiko luntur di tas. hehe

So wanna try in other moment?

Review Nivea Make Up Clear 2in1 White Control in MUD

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After using mud mask like glamglow, i really love the mud product.

I got the news that Nivea launch the foam product for cleaning makeup, whatever heavy it is.
So who wants it? everyone! 
Everyone searching for eficiency. I bet this product will be searched in any other stores.
Me too... i have had a little free haul from Nivea Body Serum. This is the one we called "sample"

hihi... i'm reviewing on my toilet :p 
Anw, i wanna test this product. Is it removing makeup?

Look ! this is my face after work. I just have a powder, eyebrow, eyeliner, lipstick.

So much bad yeah? 

Then i used the mud foam. The lotion is black inside.

You need to see clearly?

Smooth particle, black, and oily. I said yes oily. Maybe thats like a remover thing to cleanse our face.

After washing, i feel so cleany. Yes, this is really cleaned the surface. I'm getting better and fresh. The makeup totally gone!

But is it really cleanse the residu of makeup like the advertisement?

Then i try to cleanse my face again using the toner 2in1 and Tadaaaa

Residu makeup still exist!

How could i suggest the product so?
You still need a toner or cleansing milk to clean the residu. hohoho.

The surface totally look good removed, but neither the residu.

I still need my usual cleansing.
Maybe i'll use the Nivea Makeup Clear after removed by cleansing milk.

Rating 7/10
I still repurchase cause this is effiecient for traveling. Sometimes we were too lazy to pack the makeupremover, toner, cleansing milk. 
Right ?

How you feel it? 

LOL! Hahaha.

xoxo, nitahakeem

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