May 8, 2016

Review Frank Scrub : Shopee Indonesia

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Holla! have ever tried the most phenomenon international scrub??

Frank Scrub is the answer! This is totally awesome scrub i have!

One day my friend gimme a sample of her scrub from 200gr (full size) which prices 280-325 rupiahs. First trial, i looo loove this happening scrub.
So i searched every sample of franks scrub just because i wanna try all variant to my face, body and other. 

I try Shopee too... this is indonesian e-commerce online shop like Lazada online shopping.

Frank scrub claims that strechmark, acne, scars will be decreased in once experience.

And once i try, this is timeless powerfull!

...this is my experience using shopee

Shopee has any report of your items in shopping list, when it will delivered, and the deadline it has to come to your home.

You dont have to follow the store for order btw..

After all items come to my home, i use it in the body and voila, the scrub really bulky but it give the smooth effect to your body after applied. 

I do not irritating with the scrub, comfortly  because i have a  thick epidermis which have to exfoliate asap.

To my face, i combined with my favourite masks.

That variants i have! so which one u choose?

All my weapon to be beauty and i choose peppermint.

Cleaning your face the first before apply the mask scrub.

Let it gooo:

The mask over with the scrub. This is giving much better effect in your face.

You can see the bulky scrub right? 

Let it be 20 minutes of life and then wash your face with particular massaging, cycling your face like a round to get a relaxation ever. 

I've never meet a good scrub like this btw .. really serious it will decrease your scar and acne.
Worth trying laaahh...

my rating is 5 from 5

Thanks to shopee indonesia and the sample frank scrub from the store!

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