May 8, 2016

Review Borjouis Rouge Edition Velvet

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Have you tried this one ? a borjouis lipstick which is happening in online shop in the end of year 2015!

from the valid store we got 188k rupiahs, but from the ol shop we got 220-250k rupiah.

Really nice right? i said this is the hottest ever borjouis product. I've never met that other product of Borjouis goin sold out like this!

First, introduce the varians from the web of our big indo beauty blogger 

From that swatch, you can choose which one color you are starring. 
Me , starring at no 01 and 02.

From Alodita, she's swatch in her lips which is really2 pink fresh lips ever. Cause she has a white skin tone.
Me? noooo

I have the dark lips.

My bare lips never getting better than this tone. So i try no 01 first, in Hot Pepper. The red is on the show!

To see the differences, i give you the pics with still bare upper lips.

A light red lipstick. This is fabulous btw.

I'm not afraid using red if only have no makeup mood to my office. Yeah, sometimes it happens everytime. I do lazy to put my makeup on evertime.

Over pigmented. Yes. This is a liquid lipstick, you can use it like a liptint as korean people use, or like western use to all the lips, like i did under pics.

Adore of the smooth textur. Eventhough the lipstick is matte, this is moisturizing our lips.

Lemme tell you that the smell of this product is a lil bit disturb, it's like a chemical something.--> note

Then i try no 02 Framburjoice

As i said bout pigmented, you've got it! The pink color never ever been die! I love the fuschia pink tone. Really smoothly in my lips.

Alright then i wanna swatch this at my hand, this is the hottest 01 and 02

first line is frambourjouise and the second line is hot pepper.

What can i say is this is really matte and stay longlast in the lips. No one can upset bout the staying power bourjouis rouge velvet edition. 

But if you have a sensitive lips, i guess the dry lips will come. So better try in the store before you buy. Be smart buyer! 

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