Dec 10, 2013


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Hey you all! This is the random post about my life recently.  I was being an usher for the invitation of Ground Braking at my company. So, one day, the branch from Klandasan in Balikpapan will be broke for a years in order to make a great building with 7 floor which is there will be 7 bussines unit inside.

Me at consumer loan will be attended to this building too.

This ground breaking invite the director of the company, group head, and etc

What kind opf interesting is what i wore that day.

Kalimantan traditional thinngs : the vest, the skirt, the crown, an so on!

This is us 6 people which is usher, mc, and the protokoler

I was act like an usher or pagar ayu and pagar bagus

They are the director of Micro Bussines Banking and Area Manager

Ihihihi.. so happy with this kind of makeup and the thing held in Borneo! Thanks for reading !


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