Feb 24, 2015

My best friend Wedding

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Such a very long time not filling this blog as a pleasure. I'm unhappy for one month just because a bad cendo coming again and it makes me so in a good bad mood. (i thought this adjective much fun to combine together)

and the bad part is just because i have to get some pills of antibiotic, i run into 2kg on my weight!

and so hopeless to know i gain my weight in a bad way.

Ok, i dont wanna fill this blog with that kind of badnesess.

Now, that was a very adorable wedding of my smartest friend ever since jhi ( jr high school)

That was the moment that once in our college day, she said that she wanna be marry. What?
i said what?

Since i know her, i put my trust that she is not the one who trally wanna be married soon.

But the quotes said,"Once you know, you know." That was said if you one day fond your partner, you know, you just know.

No matter what.

But the day she said that, she is still with someone in the past.
Then they broke up.

Broke of for several drama. And then several months ago, she find someone she feels a bunch of juice.

I forgot the name. hahahahha

But for whatever reason,i'm happy she found him!

This is her akad nikah. Bugis style wedding day in the morning.

And the night day, she use javanesse wedding.

We are a five people on the group called sintals hahahahha... and our one friend cant attend this celebration cause she will came to Talisa's unduh mantu in Bandung.

A very honour to visit surabaya for my beloved friends wedding. Love it!

She even gimme a birthday gift Oriflame mascara hahahahaha!
So bad i'm still unsecure with my cendo. I cant make up for  2 month!


Happy wedding Talisaaaa... have a good day for you and the happines is more bigger after you married! Aaamin!!

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