Dec 14, 2011

Three Makeup Smookey Eyes!

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Voila! What time is it? Hmm, recently, I often take a nap on the morning and wake up at the evening #sigh. And yeah, in a case, I had many task to do, include writing this blogs :p 

In my pleasure time, I decide to blow up about kind of smookey eyes again. Because this topic even be the popular topic since this blog being made. I really realize that smookey eyes have a kind of style. Hence, I make this make up really simple to apply. Then, today I will presented three styles of smookey eyes. And in a good ideas, there will be three person who help you to be a model in this blog. That’s me Nitahakeem, RyzaIndah, and OktaHarisma.

Check them out!
Believe, that you are passionate person!
Oke, in the first showed by me, you know that I like a colorful one. I don’t like to be a simple style. Simple person. For me, its enough to be simple. I hate to be warm. I love to be glam. You had been knwing that make up is represent passion personal. Yes, color is what heart talking to you. And i really want you to know that i am the one who has OBSESSION. BIG OBSESSION as my sheer colour.
Dare to be in blue smokey eyes?

I'm doin my looks by the blue one with gradation of shimmer white. Or in this pick the gradation looks like a grey. So easy to do. Oh yeah, I am just make an eyeliner… without eye brow or something, so you can look by the terms of the real application of smookey eyes. If I made up by eyebrow, maybe you wont looking at the rules of smookey.  Then Look the Top of that pics. The gradation made by me is PERFECTO!

And so on, the 4 frame in that picture give you a platform in a smookey pose. You know, with this blue color, your eyes will looks so  incisive. Your droops will be hidden by the looks. Eyeliners helps you to be sharp. And anyway, your eyes will looks bright and clear!

Cutie pics in a smookey blues hihihihihihi………………..

Dont bother me, it is cute dude. Dont judge the book by its cover. There is no problem with combination blue and pink lipstick
Hence I get this smookey eyes to be glamourous. I think that this make up so match if you are in the night party or you can called it DUGEM in Indonesia. But nowadays, it is not about night party, it can be a sample if you have a droppy eyes like me. You like this blue eyes? Yes , if you are passionate, you will choose the blink one. The one who ambitious like me love the brave colour eventhough in her make eyes up! Look at the gradation. It is so simply to made this at home without any single person. And absolutely, to make this eyes looks behave, you must stroke your eyeliner onto two branch like a small cat.
And yeah, the right side, bottom, left is so either! :0 

Time to wake up, barbie boyah! it is even to be brave
And when I wanna be looks like a BARBIE, it work. And my hair doing her passionate like this. Hahahaha. My eyes is big and it helps me looking another side of natural. Some of my friend complain that I looks so afraided in this pic, hahahhaa. But actually, the case is I do most a lot of FUN. I love to be looked like a cool woman. A strength and so on and so on. J
Make up: Eyeshadow Blue by Red A (2.5$), Eyeshadow White by Revlon ($5), Eyeliner by Etude House ($15), Lipsheer by Spice ($15), Foundation by BB Cream Maybelline( $3,5), Blush On by La Tulipe ($10)

Some of my friend tell me that I like a model in a professional framework. But it just in context of make up :p no more!!! Uiaaahhh, unluck. Hehehehe. But back to the topic, smookey eyes in blue is really cool in all of the skin. If you are black , this make up is no matter. And when you are white skin, make up aplicate well. In a black tone, the blue eyes don’t be more strong! Just like a thin… then you will looks good in a photography.

Second models in this case is my sisters, she and I is so DIFFERENT. I like the colorful one, and she likes the natural. Maybe because of an age? Hahahhaa I am 21 and she is still 18 years old. So not a mistake to be natural smookey dear? 

Powerful Lup! so you can looked bigger than ever.
Then she apply the nature of smookey eyes. Just make a brown eyeshadow without shimmer or highlight in her eyes. And don’t ever forget about the eyeliner! Eyeliner is the most perfect item in smoky eyes!

Use me in a smookey natural
In this Polaroid frame, she looks beauty in a good condition. Anyway this smookey is good to apply in a evening or afternoon time. Yes, maybe if you are in a Mall. In a Big department store, you can get this make up. It helps enough powerful to make ur eyes looking sharp. But don’t ever get it in a party night. It is looks damn plain.
Wanna be looks cool in front of your bestiest?
Ba! She made her design photograpy. She is a model. And photo session is not a part of odd activity. You can look the point of view in a different smooky eyes. When she aplicate her natural sources, then she looks good in what side?

Eventhoughy you wanna be that rock! you can!
 I miss my darlaa so much :3

Make up : Eyeshadow by Etude House, Eyeliner by Darla, Foundation no use, Lipstick no use. Its natural!
Okay, the third is my beloved friend called Okta harisma. She likes me as 21 years old hahahaha. She is beautiful in eyes. She is a model too… nowadays, she apply the POWER of blue smoky. Hahahaha. Looks! She is really fantastic in her make up! Power full! And satisfied. She added the acsesori in her eyes. The pattern must be exciting! Wanna apply this? Hihihi called her!
She is the one who really good in make up artist. She is multitalented girl! And she has a beautiful face too... She has courageous personality. And so, she could be different in her experiment!

Maximize in Smookey Looks!
 Look, she added the stickey eyes to her face. She made her eyes look fabulous in every second person star at. Maximal! Good of all!

The best damn things. Make up : Ayeshadow by revlon ($10), Shimmer by Revlon ($5), Eyeliner by Darla ($3)
Boyaahhh, now she aplied the green smookey eyes, look! she has a skiil to brush every mili in her eyes... about green, dark, and even white. Oh damn! would you choose me better even you are agree that she is the best ?? hahahahha...

 Okayy… there was a smookey eyes make up. Hope you enjoyed it! :* let applicate this section!

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