Dec 2, 2011

Food Festival Laguna

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Okay, this is december. Surabaya still famous with their hottest style, yeah... although i am still comfort with ths city. Today i wanna review about the food place in Surabaya. Do you know that Surabaya have a beautiful places? eventhough we are the people which is shout out of the hot weather in this city, but why we still alive in that place are because of the delicious food.
Not just food, actually, Soerabaya have a nice spots where you can go by couple or family. The current spot, the current food combining in a Food Festival at Laguna. Laguna which is near from my college school, Institut Technology 10 Nopember. Do you wanna know why this place is so fabulous??

Voila! i was riding a double bicycle in this place. And did you see what is it on the right bar? yes, it was horses! the horse not just one. There is 4 horses which has white and black one. But yes, i cant ride that horse :( because there have a rules that the weight for 1 people each horse just 50 kg.
 i was taking a picture in front of a doll as cute as P-man. hahahaha i dunno whats the name of this doll. But i think i have ever seen it at game. I forget.
 Yeay, this is the picture when i was riding the bycle by my self. You can look the background. Really beautiful scene right? this place like a bazar. If you ever visit singapore, it's a little bit orchard road beside 7eleven there.
 Oh absolutely, there is a merry go round. Yes, ah, so poor that i didnt take a picture from ths circus :(
So that, that is my last photo. say chesee... You better check this place out. It s so worth it. Any place to play around, and anyplace to eat the food. As a food court with almost different tastes. :)

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