Dec 1, 2011


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Hello, i am Nitahakeem, as you can called me Nita. I have many many time to write a blog acount. And actually i have some of blogs. As yu can see at the right side is my multiply blog. And for the second is from kompasiana which is my nickname is nitahakeem. Then, by the way, this is my third, Oh no, this is my four blogs, hahaha. Yes, because i had been making the first blogspot almost 7 years ago with the name of but it so laaassst year, and i dont too care much about..

this is my picture, my photo updated, so crunchy isnt it? ahahaha. No, im just a little bit arabian. Then, absolutely i am a javanese
Now, i will show you my blog:
 The top is and the bottom is

The top is my first blogspot and the bottom is my clothing line
next, thanks for watching, i need to go to campuss now. 

Sincerelly, nitahakeem

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