Dec 5, 2011


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Effect of the Scenes in ITS College before Friday Ied
I really thanks to Google and AppleCorp J. Why? Yap! Because of their innovation surely. What kind of? Well, we know that, in a few years ago, people have to buy SLR Camera if they wanna post something artistic photo. And you really sure that you will? SLR Camera almost $1200! It means the price as same as we buy a motorcycle like Honda or Suzuki. Bad to know it. 

But. Recently, when the corporation made an application to Android and Apple mobiles, everything works well! Artistic can be buy just for $299! And the plus is we can communicate with others like calling, sms, whatsapp, chat, etc.

I was using my android to makethis picture workin well. And I really satisfied with the result.
In case you want to know the application I will show you what I was used:
1.       Toy Camera
2.       Analog Camera
3.       Black and White
4.       Deciding on your creative mind

Yes, photography is in your mind, your taste… either do fashion and art of make up. If you like a colour, you will find some other way to make this catchy!

now, i will show you about my way to catch one of my hobby!

Dispering some randoms morning
 This top is came whenever i was at siblings home. there was the moment of Ied Mubarak. And this is a photo when i was getting up from my spring bed. hahaha

Blue Yaris
 Then this is my editing capture in my Blue Yaris. You like that? im just added the brightness in an effect of Instagram. I looked that instagram always using this platform. So, i try to do :p

Direction to Suzuki Katana
 The third is when i was at Jogja. Here i am in my Red Suzuki Katana. I use the black and white. But see the left side!! see!! the tone is still alive. It is not black or white. Yes! i used an android to do that. Sorry, i have no iphone anyway :p

Big Brother
 Uwooo, he is my little big brother. Little because he is still 8 years old. And big because he is really FAT. hahahaha. He was standing on my hang up behind. And absolutely behind the door! i used the tone of brown one. With the effect of fire paper in the corner of picture, you see that??

Nah, this is the picture with blue tone. Looks ridiculous? wkwkwkw. im just capturing my big lips, just yeahh... for a pleasure time hahahahaha
Laughing on you

  And it is my place of Gym. In Surabaya, Indonesia, i was gyming time in Regency 21. This place is so warm with the friendly trainer. and there is no gay anyway ;0

Then its my expresion when i was waiting for someone in a several hours. Ouh! so serious! i used the light yellow tone! with the fish eye on my head. i used a Toy Camera + Film effect on My android!

The next is when i was editing the picture of my sweet siblings. She is my sweet sisters. And i am proud of her ! ;) Look at this, i edited two of her pics. Which photo do you like?
Name Ryza
 The toy cam?


Or the Red-Yellow Tone?

Then, this the weird time capturing by her. Hahaha. She was take me when i was called by my brother. In my rest room

  Lhah! in this pic i used my Blackberry! hahahahah!
Sleeping with my Blackberry

Then this is the picture of shoes. I used an analog camera. You love the combination of any color? i like it so much ;)
There is black, brown, grey, and PINK. hahaha

Okay, here it is one of my hobby. I take a photo, then give an effect by my Android or Blackberry. I love photography to. Eventhought i am not expert as photographer. Hahaha. I dont wana be serious about taking a photo. I am using my taste. Just do it. And work well! :)

Sincerelly, nitahakeem

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