Dec 3, 2011

Blinky Smooky Eyes!

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 Remember Avril Lavigne?

The smokey eyes?? Oh yey yey, I reaaally loved it! Smokey eyes match with me, the one who has eyes pocket or you usually called “bear eyes”. I have a beautiful bear eyes. And I don’t ever regret it. It is so ME at ALL. I love my beautiful eyes. And so do I, I really bet that smokey eyes have a cool effect to applicant on my eyes

Look at me, the smokey keys. Hahaha. I close my eyes, and you can see how I was brushing the eyeshadow which are combined of shimmer white, brown, a bit black, and surely the long application eyeliner both of eyes.
Smooky blinky eyes! Now, I close my eyes up! And there you can say that my eyes is bigger than ever. Hahahha! I am Arabian. So why don’t to be called bear eyes? I just found a concealer then brush it on the bottom of my sheat. Voila, it never been perfect as you see it.
Aha! I love the black and white. In this capture, I look so exclusive.

 Definitely, when I was closing my eyes tender
Then come on aplicate your smoky blinky eyes! No matter, it so good to be a new style. Smooky blinky eyes is so me : STRONG, QUIET, MYSTERIOUS, but still FUNNY J

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drg.DioNella said...

Wah cantiknya dek nita, gimana kabarnya lama gak ketemu? pasti tetep ceria kayak biasanya kan?!

nitahakeem said...

wah mbak della ada web nya ternyata :D baik mbak, iya ni mencoba jadi fashion blogger xD masi tetap ceria seperti biasa :DD
mbak gimana? asik ya uda tinggal berdua uhuy! ak belum kesaana ;)

Martina said...

I also love smoky eyes, I think it's a kind of make up that goes well with any shape of eye! xx

nitahakeem said...

oh you do?? Yes, smooky eyes is catchy to my big eye O.O hahahaha. Looks mysterious and absolutely, have a charateristic of a hard shape

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