Dec 2, 2011

A Girl Behind the Fitting Room

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Do you know what happen in a girl behind the fitting room? ahahaha... absoulutely to choice about the outfit which they can buy! it happened to me to. Some day when i was visiting Centro, i made a choice from one by one. About the dress until the ordinary tunics.
Dont you imagine whats the pose of woman side behind the fitroom? just like this.

The photo on the top is when a girl try to capture her self before changing the t shirt and the skirt. You know what? i really like my outfit. It is so casual and sexy ones. You see that the skirt with polcadot coracs. And the white shirt is so preety to be said as "i love Indonesia" hahahaa. You know that the style as my flag in Indonesia. White and Red.
ouw yeah, this is the first mini dress i was changed. This dress about 10 dollars. Really cheap yeah? oh preety! to make an extra fabulous outfit, you dont need an extra money too! it is my own principal. Do you think that this mini dress is really cute? yes, this dress is so general to combine with any stuff of acsesoris. Then you can get a legging or you can just wear your jins if you wanna go to college with this minidress. So, i bought it! :p
i dont really like to decide, but i must be. Yeee... I have to choose one of this blouse. On your opinion, which one the best? i was bbm my brother, my friends, my siblings just to choice both of them. And every people have a different answer. They said the blue one was really elegant. But the pink was really chic. So? i was hearing my soulheart, and i choose the pink. :)

and when i was close out from the fitting room, i looked at this one! this blouse really really fireworks! you know that it can be formal or just for hang out with friends is not bad! ouuh really cute dress!! and i was trying to keep this on a fitting room
yes, i was wearing the dress. But, you are looking at my mimic?? it so ironic. I was laughing by my self for my self. Because i cant buy this preety dress, this dress cant fit to my arm. And it is not ridiculous! oh i hate it. I think i need more diet!

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