Dec 6, 2011

The Red Huge Glasses

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In a my overtime, I was often wasting my time in the street. Not because I do loved there. But I have many kind of activity in the others of college. I have to mobile in A place to B place. And would you know that Surabaya is the hottest city in Indonesia? Yeah, Indonesia has a hell in this area. The Sun like not be protected with atmosphere. The Son is not be polite anytime. I really sad when the sun make every girl in Surabaya have a black skin, dirty and not interesting.

Sadly but sure… it is poor.

My mom said, the part of important thing in our face to be protected is EYES. Why eyes? Because said her that the eyes, one day will be  appear of stain which called “noda/flek” in Indonesia. As a dot when you were under 30th years old. So the most important thing to protect is your eyes. The skin of this area is really slighty. So that, you need to wear a glasses when riding on the street.

Gucci Glasses just $30
I bought Largest Gucci Glasses in a latest time. I choose the red one. It is so fashionable, the color is eye catching and the material is thick!
This is match with kind of fashion I have to wore,  and I really like this glasses
The Rock Girl!
Look this glasses has a function behind its fashion. This item closed out my are of eyes. And I believe in a riding time, theres no something to be worried.

and also the references of this glasses is made in collaboration with Mr Sumio Yamamoto, who has 55 years of experience in producing eyewear in the Sabe, Fukui area.  I found it difficult to retain all the information about the specialist areas of production that are dotted all over Japan.

Looks similar isnt it?
As same as the turqoise one

 Side by Side
Really made by Gucci
Working well when you are in a outdoor

Eventhought you are in the car, Sun still a problem!
Appearing to my style, maybe some of you called this thing “alay” in Indonesia, but okay, one day I will show you how much excellent to wear a things like that! And not just because the sheer color, but also the function in your future area.The largest is the best to protect your eyes from a future dot when you are 40+!

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