Dec 9, 2011

All The People Learned : Corel Draw

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Tonight, someone watching my blogspot. And he said something about it. He asked me, "Whats your blog?" by tghe minutes, i didnt know what he mean. But in a several time i said that this is my Art fashion blog. Oh see, and he was agreement. He said that he was unsure, because this blog even blow up topic of Culinarry about Green Noodles hahaha. Yes i said that this blog is added by anything. I will write anything that on my mind. No matter what. No matter why.
Then he adviced to me "how is your opinion if you made this blog for the one who never be fashionable but she really want to?"
Ehem, i think..
Im just unsure, but i will try if i can.
Anyway, I am not the one who have had Art Academic. I have no license to be a fashion blogger. Im just trying now. I am just doing what i like. I like Art, but i am not to expert. Because my background is from Industrial Engineering. 
How sadness? hahaha. No, i am just doing the best. I am not a perfect one, i cant be multitasking. It is what i am. So, theres no a problem. One day i  am little not confidence. But day after, i feels like conceited. It is human. No pay for this.
Oh well, in this evening, i wanna see you my first Art. hahahaha. Yeah, one day i have a pleasure time. My dad given to me an opportunity to waste his MONEY. And how happy i was! so, i decided to learn about Art. I like Art, Photography, and Drawing. So i called someone who expert in drawing. I need to learn something about Corel Draw. Yes, this tools is very funtastic function. I really like the effect, the blur, and the splott.

This is my First Exercise by Corel Draw x4

Magazine: not real
Design by me
Outfit by Fashion Fever
Yeah, this pics is my first doin this corel draw. Not too well anyway. But peace :p i am trully glad it! ahahaahah
My teacher said to me that i have to more learning. Yes, because i am not well in contrast, in a shape, distruction and so many T.T hiks... she said to me to be more careful in Art. Oh i really love my teacher, she is really experienced.  Tell the truth, she is the one of reporter in TV One Indonesia. She is communicate with people dear! :)

The second Exercise of Corel Draw
 And the second is i was designing a layout for social media. Yes, magazine is a tools for exercising. Because corel draw without layout is nothing. My teacher always want me to see all of the layout in magazine, Thats why i like scrapbook now! because of her skill, i know the good layout to be applied.

The boutique part 1

The Part 2
 Let we see, the third is when i designed the layout of poster boutique. Do you like the light or the dark? i prefer the dark anyway. hahahaha! oh no! no! look at me! i was cropping my head to match with that dress. Look the bottom right! oh hahaha! aigoooo..... not match anyway. I laught with my teacher. "How about this if i am so skinny like this pics?" She said nothing and just laughing a lot.
The boutique named Azelia

The logo of ME

Two of them is a logo. In my way to learned. She offered me to try a logo. So that, i do for work. How... How how? very dumpty? ahahahaha. 
Thanks to show the must reading passage in this blog. Anyway, with this article, i need you to know. We just learn anything by do the best. By do something better than yesterday. I love Art. But i have no basic on Art. Yes i agree when someone said that "fashion is a taste, fashion is a talent, either Art is". I have no knowledge about Art. But no matter, i will try to sharpener. :)

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Such a great post dear! And you have a great blog too :) Mind to follow each other? ^^

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Oh hai dear! You are from Malang, isnt right there? Yes, i will follow you ASAP :) mind to be follow me too :) thankyou

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