Dec 5, 2011

Green Noodles China Resto : Culinary

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One day, my big brother (in this context, he is really big, okay) built something food bussines in hins own way. He called the product "Mie Popey" which is a bundle of noodle with a green colour. He is the leader of the team, who has 5 person built in. The developing group make this product consist of spinach and flour. And now, the have two outlet in Indomaret and Stesia College.
This is the noodle called Mie Popeyy

And the price is really cheap!
Then......... In a rainy day of the last Saturday, I have an idea. I ask him to go to his competitors of noodle. Yes, as he called it is the first bussines. What we have to do is benchmarking. So that day, I have gone to the restaurant where produced a green noodle too. In Surabaya, Indonesia, the one which is producing the green noodle is China Resto in 369. With the references of Google and Maps, we are “capcusing” the street to find place.

Then in this China resto, we make the first Culinary to be a benchmarking!

Ice Tea is the first thing we have to ordered

This is the awesome green noodles. We ordered two. Which named pangsit and chicken noodles.

Uwoshaaa, the green noodles !
Wow, he is starting to eat. And I still photograph himself. Hahahaha. When the first falvour, he said that the noodles not used the same source. He got a spinach. But this noodles got a cabbage. So in his opinion, I tried to get the conclusion if his noodles have more fibre. Yes we know that spinach has a more fibre than cabbage. Isn’t it?
He was eating when he knowed that i am capturing him :|
The point of two, in my opinion, his noodles has some tastes better. Why? The noodles of 369 not too deliciously in a salty and crisp. The noodles is pain. But they have some power in a dressing actually….
something called "unyu-unyu" in Indonesia
So, we are trying the gravy too. Voila!!!! The gravy is really deliciousss!!! Its salty and warm. Why warm? My big bro said that the dressing given by ginger. Oh you are really a chef!
Look at this! very full of oily. Ouh! how much calorie did i eat??

 In this finally, we both eat the noodles until end. Wehggg! I am so  full. Overly FULL. Fiuh
Phose before eating

So, if you want to know about the benchmarking of the bussines of my boyfriend or 369, lets try both of them, then decide your taste!

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