Dec 14, 2011

Three Makeup Smookey Eyes!

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Voila! What time is it? Hmm, recently, I often take a nap on the morning and wake up at the evening #sigh. And yeah, in a case, I had many task to do, include writing this blogs :p 

In my pleasure time, I decide to blow up about kind of smookey eyes again. Because this topic even be the popular topic since this blog being made. I really realize that smookey eyes have a kind of style. Hence, I make this make up really simple to apply. Then, today I will presented three styles of smookey eyes. And in a good ideas, there will be three person who help you to be a model in this blog. That’s me Nitahakeem, RyzaIndah, and OktaHarisma.

Check them out!
Believe, that you are passionate person!
Oke, in the first showed by me, you know that I like a colorful one. I don’t like to be a simple style. Simple person. For me, its enough to be simple. I hate to be warm. I love to be glam. You had been knwing that make up is represent passion personal. Yes, color is what heart talking to you. And i really want you to know that i am the one who has OBSESSION. BIG OBSESSION as my sheer colour.
Dare to be in blue smokey eyes?

I'm doin my looks by the blue one with gradation of shimmer white. Or in this pick the gradation looks like a grey. So easy to do. Oh yeah, I am just make an eyeliner… without eye brow or something, so you can look by the terms of the real application of smookey eyes. If I made up by eyebrow, maybe you wont looking at the rules of smookey.  Then Look the Top of that pics. The gradation made by me is PERFECTO!

And so on, the 4 frame in that picture give you a platform in a smookey pose. You know, with this blue color, your eyes will looks so  incisive. Your droops will be hidden by the looks. Eyeliners helps you to be sharp. And anyway, your eyes will looks bright and clear!

Cutie pics in a smookey blues hihihihihihi………………..

Dont bother me, it is cute dude. Dont judge the book by its cover. There is no problem with combination blue and pink lipstick
Hence I get this smookey eyes to be glamourous. I think that this make up so match if you are in the night party or you can called it DUGEM in Indonesia. But nowadays, it is not about night party, it can be a sample if you have a droppy eyes like me. You like this blue eyes? Yes , if you are passionate, you will choose the blink one. The one who ambitious like me love the brave colour eventhough in her make eyes up! Look at the gradation. It is so simply to made this at home without any single person. And absolutely, to make this eyes looks behave, you must stroke your eyeliner onto two branch like a small cat.
And yeah, the right side, bottom, left is so either! :0 

Time to wake up, barbie boyah! it is even to be brave
And when I wanna be looks like a BARBIE, it work. And my hair doing her passionate like this. Hahahaha. My eyes is big and it helps me looking another side of natural. Some of my friend complain that I looks so afraided in this pic, hahahhaa. But actually, the case is I do most a lot of FUN. I love to be looked like a cool woman. A strength and so on and so on. J
Make up: Eyeshadow Blue by Red A (2.5$), Eyeshadow White by Revlon ($5), Eyeliner by Etude House ($15), Lipsheer by Spice ($15), Foundation by BB Cream Maybelline( $3,5), Blush On by La Tulipe ($10)

Some of my friend tell me that I like a model in a professional framework. But it just in context of make up :p no more!!! Uiaaahhh, unluck. Hehehehe. But back to the topic, smookey eyes in blue is really cool in all of the skin. If you are black , this make up is no matter. And when you are white skin, make up aplicate well. In a black tone, the blue eyes don’t be more strong! Just like a thin… then you will looks good in a photography.

Second models in this case is my sisters, she and I is so DIFFERENT. I like the colorful one, and she likes the natural. Maybe because of an age? Hahahhaa I am 21 and she is still 18 years old. So not a mistake to be natural smookey dear? 

Powerful Lup! so you can looked bigger than ever.
Then she apply the nature of smookey eyes. Just make a brown eyeshadow without shimmer or highlight in her eyes. And don’t ever forget about the eyeliner! Eyeliner is the most perfect item in smoky eyes!

Use me in a smookey natural
In this Polaroid frame, she looks beauty in a good condition. Anyway this smookey is good to apply in a evening or afternoon time. Yes, maybe if you are in a Mall. In a Big department store, you can get this make up. It helps enough powerful to make ur eyes looking sharp. But don’t ever get it in a party night. It is looks damn plain.
Wanna be looks cool in front of your bestiest?
Ba! She made her design photograpy. She is a model. And photo session is not a part of odd activity. You can look the point of view in a different smooky eyes. When she aplicate her natural sources, then she looks good in what side?

Eventhoughy you wanna be that rock! you can!
 I miss my darlaa so much :3

Make up : Eyeshadow by Etude House, Eyeliner by Darla, Foundation no use, Lipstick no use. Its natural!
Okay, the third is my beloved friend called Okta harisma. She likes me as 21 years old hahahaha. She is beautiful in eyes. She is a model too… nowadays, she apply the POWER of blue smoky. Hahahaha. Looks! She is really fantastic in her make up! Power full! And satisfied. She added the acsesori in her eyes. The pattern must be exciting! Wanna apply this? Hihihi called her!
She is the one who really good in make up artist. She is multitalented girl! And she has a beautiful face too... She has courageous personality. And so, she could be different in her experiment!

Maximize in Smookey Looks!
 Look, she added the stickey eyes to her face. She made her eyes look fabulous in every second person star at. Maximal! Good of all!

The best damn things. Make up : Ayeshadow by revlon ($10), Shimmer by Revlon ($5), Eyeliner by Darla ($3)
Boyaahhh, now she aplied the green smookey eyes, look! she has a skiil to brush every mili in her eyes... about green, dark, and even white. Oh damn! would you choose me better even you are agree that she is the best ?? hahahahha...

 Okayy… there was a smookey eyes make up. Hope you enjoyed it! :* let applicate this section!

Dec 9, 2011

All The People Learned : Corel Draw

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Tonight, someone watching my blogspot. And he said something about it. He asked me, "Whats your blog?" by tghe minutes, i didnt know what he mean. But in a several time i said that this is my Art fashion blog. Oh see, and he was agreement. He said that he was unsure, because this blog even blow up topic of Culinarry about Green Noodles hahaha. Yes i said that this blog is added by anything. I will write anything that on my mind. No matter what. No matter why.
Then he adviced to me "how is your opinion if you made this blog for the one who never be fashionable but she really want to?"
Ehem, i think..
Im just unsure, but i will try if i can.
Anyway, I am not the one who have had Art Academic. I have no license to be a fashion blogger. Im just trying now. I am just doing what i like. I like Art, but i am not to expert. Because my background is from Industrial Engineering. 
How sadness? hahaha. No, i am just doing the best. I am not a perfect one, i cant be multitasking. It is what i am. So, theres no a problem. One day i  am little not confidence. But day after, i feels like conceited. It is human. No pay for this.
Oh well, in this evening, i wanna see you my first Art. hahahaha. Yeah, one day i have a pleasure time. My dad given to me an opportunity to waste his MONEY. And how happy i was! so, i decided to learn about Art. I like Art, Photography, and Drawing. So i called someone who expert in drawing. I need to learn something about Corel Draw. Yes, this tools is very funtastic function. I really like the effect, the blur, and the splott.

This is my First Exercise by Corel Draw x4

Magazine: not real
Design by me
Outfit by Fashion Fever
Yeah, this pics is my first doin this corel draw. Not too well anyway. But peace :p i am trully glad it! ahahaahah
My teacher said to me that i have to more learning. Yes, because i am not well in contrast, in a shape, distruction and so many T.T hiks... she said to me to be more careful in Art. Oh i really love my teacher, she is really experienced.  Tell the truth, she is the one of reporter in TV One Indonesia. She is communicate with people dear! :)

The second Exercise of Corel Draw
 And the second is i was designing a layout for social media. Yes, magazine is a tools for exercising. Because corel draw without layout is nothing. My teacher always want me to see all of the layout in magazine, Thats why i like scrapbook now! because of her skill, i know the good layout to be applied.

The boutique part 1

The Part 2
 Let we see, the third is when i designed the layout of poster boutique. Do you like the light or the dark? i prefer the dark anyway. hahahaha! oh no! no! look at me! i was cropping my head to match with that dress. Look the bottom right! oh hahaha! aigoooo..... not match anyway. I laught with my teacher. "How about this if i am so skinny like this pics?" She said nothing and just laughing a lot.
The boutique named Azelia

The logo of ME

Two of them is a logo. In my way to learned. She offered me to try a logo. So that, i do for work. How... How how? very dumpty? ahahahaha. 
Thanks to show the must reading passage in this blog. Anyway, with this article, i need you to know. We just learn anything by do the best. By do something better than yesterday. I love Art. But i have no basic on Art. Yes i agree when someone said that "fashion is a taste, fashion is a talent, either Art is". I have no knowledge about Art. But no matter, i will try to sharpener. :)

Dec 6, 2011

The Red Huge Glasses

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In a my overtime, I was often wasting my time in the street. Not because I do loved there. But I have many kind of activity in the others of college. I have to mobile in A place to B place. And would you know that Surabaya is the hottest city in Indonesia? Yeah, Indonesia has a hell in this area. The Sun like not be protected with atmosphere. The Son is not be polite anytime. I really sad when the sun make every girl in Surabaya have a black skin, dirty and not interesting.

Sadly but sure… it is poor.

My mom said, the part of important thing in our face to be protected is EYES. Why eyes? Because said her that the eyes, one day will be  appear of stain which called “noda/flek” in Indonesia. As a dot when you were under 30th years old. So the most important thing to protect is your eyes. The skin of this area is really slighty. So that, you need to wear a glasses when riding on the street.

Gucci Glasses just $30
I bought Largest Gucci Glasses in a latest time. I choose the red one. It is so fashionable, the color is eye catching and the material is thick!
This is match with kind of fashion I have to wore,  and I really like this glasses
The Rock Girl!
Look this glasses has a function behind its fashion. This item closed out my are of eyes. And I believe in a riding time, theres no something to be worried.

and also the references of this glasses is made in collaboration with Mr Sumio Yamamoto, who has 55 years of experience in producing eyewear in the Sabe, Fukui area.  I found it difficult to retain all the information about the specialist areas of production that are dotted all over Japan.

Looks similar isnt it?
As same as the turqoise one

 Side by Side
Really made by Gucci
Working well when you are in a outdoor

Eventhought you are in the car, Sun still a problem!
Appearing to my style, maybe some of you called this thing “alay” in Indonesia, but okay, one day I will show you how much excellent to wear a things like that! And not just because the sheer color, but also the function in your future area.The largest is the best to protect your eyes from a future dot when you are 40+!

Dec 5, 2011

Green Noodles China Resto : Culinary

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One day, my big brother (in this context, he is really big, okay) built something food bussines in hins own way. He called the product "Mie Popey" which is a bundle of noodle with a green colour. He is the leader of the team, who has 5 person built in. The developing group make this product consist of spinach and flour. And now, the have two outlet in Indomaret and Stesia College.
This is the noodle called Mie Popeyy

And the price is really cheap!
Then......... In a rainy day of the last Saturday, I have an idea. I ask him to go to his competitors of noodle. Yes, as he called it is the first bussines. What we have to do is benchmarking. So that day, I have gone to the restaurant where produced a green noodle too. In Surabaya, Indonesia, the one which is producing the green noodle is China Resto in 369. With the references of Google and Maps, we are “capcusing” the street to find place.

Then in this China resto, we make the first Culinary to be a benchmarking!

Ice Tea is the first thing we have to ordered

This is the awesome green noodles. We ordered two. Which named pangsit and chicken noodles.

Uwoshaaa, the green noodles !
Wow, he is starting to eat. And I still photograph himself. Hahahaha. When the first falvour, he said that the noodles not used the same source. He got a spinach. But this noodles got a cabbage. So in his opinion, I tried to get the conclusion if his noodles have more fibre. Yes we know that spinach has a more fibre than cabbage. Isn’t it?
He was eating when he knowed that i am capturing him :|
The point of two, in my opinion, his noodles has some tastes better. Why? The noodles of 369 not too deliciously in a salty and crisp. The noodles is pain. But they have some power in a dressing actually….
something called "unyu-unyu" in Indonesia
So, we are trying the gravy too. Voila!!!! The gravy is really deliciousss!!! Its salty and warm. Why warm? My big bro said that the dressing given by ginger. Oh you are really a chef!
Look at this! very full of oily. Ouh! how much calorie did i eat??

 In this finally, we both eat the noodles until end. Wehggg! I am so  full. Overly FULL. Fiuh
Phose before eating

So, if you want to know about the benchmarking of the bussines of my boyfriend or 369, lets try both of them, then decide your taste!


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Effect of the Scenes in ITS College before Friday Ied
I really thanks to Google and AppleCorp J. Why? Yap! Because of their innovation surely. What kind of? Well, we know that, in a few years ago, people have to buy SLR Camera if they wanna post something artistic photo. And you really sure that you will? SLR Camera almost $1200! It means the price as same as we buy a motorcycle like Honda or Suzuki. Bad to know it. 

But. Recently, when the corporation made an application to Android and Apple mobiles, everything works well! Artistic can be buy just for $299! And the plus is we can communicate with others like calling, sms, whatsapp, chat, etc.

I was using my android to makethis picture workin well. And I really satisfied with the result.
In case you want to know the application I will show you what I was used:
1.       Toy Camera
2.       Analog Camera
3.       Black and White
4.       Deciding on your creative mind

Yes, photography is in your mind, your taste… either do fashion and art of make up. If you like a colour, you will find some other way to make this catchy!

now, i will show you about my way to catch one of my hobby!

Dispering some randoms morning
 This top is came whenever i was at siblings home. there was the moment of Ied Mubarak. And this is a photo when i was getting up from my spring bed. hahaha

Blue Yaris
 Then this is my editing capture in my Blue Yaris. You like that? im just added the brightness in an effect of Instagram. I looked that instagram always using this platform. So, i try to do :p

Direction to Suzuki Katana
 The third is when i was at Jogja. Here i am in my Red Suzuki Katana. I use the black and white. But see the left side!! see!! the tone is still alive. It is not black or white. Yes! i used an android to do that. Sorry, i have no iphone anyway :p

Big Brother
 Uwooo, he is my little big brother. Little because he is still 8 years old. And big because he is really FAT. hahahaha. He was standing on my hang up behind. And absolutely behind the door! i used the tone of brown one. With the effect of fire paper in the corner of picture, you see that??

Nah, this is the picture with blue tone. Looks ridiculous? wkwkwkw. im just capturing my big lips, just yeahh... for a pleasure time hahahahaha
Laughing on you

  And it is my place of Gym. In Surabaya, Indonesia, i was gyming time in Regency 21. This place is so warm with the friendly trainer. and there is no gay anyway ;0

Then its my expresion when i was waiting for someone in a several hours. Ouh! so serious! i used the light yellow tone! with the fish eye on my head. i used a Toy Camera + Film effect on My android!

The next is when i was editing the picture of my sweet siblings. She is my sweet sisters. And i am proud of her ! ;) Look at this, i edited two of her pics. Which photo do you like?
Name Ryza
 The toy cam?


Or the Red-Yellow Tone?

Then, this the weird time capturing by her. Hahaha. She was take me when i was called by my brother. In my rest room

  Lhah! in this pic i used my Blackberry! hahahahah!
Sleeping with my Blackberry

Then this is the picture of shoes. I used an analog camera. You love the combination of any color? i like it so much ;)
There is black, brown, grey, and PINK. hahaha

Okay, here it is one of my hobby. I take a photo, then give an effect by my Android or Blackberry. I love photography to. Eventhought i am not expert as photographer. Hahaha. I dont wana be serious about taking a photo. I am using my taste. Just do it. And work well! :)

Sincerelly, nitahakeem

Dec 4, 2011

Comics Senses

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My hand drawing in 2005

When I was a child, I really like drawing. I was drawing all the day. Although in my elementary school, while a teacher explained something in front of the board, I did my hobby in a piece of looseleaf. Drawing make me feel better. Drawing is about clicking your hand by line and line and so on, it will be something called Art. Especially for comic, I am the person who has a sense of reading comics. I have a lot of comics. I love anime and manga.
I broke up with my first boyfriend, and I made a real comic by my self. Yes, when I feel sad out of my heart. When I was been hurting. I will back to my hobby. Usually, I make a real story in my life ;P I never admit it. Hehehe

Like this pics:

all the layout of comics (2005)

When a man and woman meet in a side way (2005)

Male character (2005)

My pic on 2011

I don’t understand how could I make this comics, I just know that drawing make me warm. Make me satisfied. Eventhough, I have never drown again. I miss it. But I don’t know why, this hand became rigid now. This hand prefer to writing something to be shared to anyone.
In my cases, I just want you opened your eyes, skill is about exercise. I have a skill. Anyway, I still drawing when I want. But from my friends opinion, my art not best as I did yesterday, as I did the last. She know that my hand had been rigid for several time. So, I don’t want you became like me. It is not funny! It is serious. Your skill is something called miracle. You have to polish it.  Aware! I am afraid if your skill kills you. Yes, if one day you cant feel your skill, you will be really r e m o r s e.

Don’t do that. Always shining your skill. However, it just a little experience and exercise. You have to try to polish!


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