Dec 4, 2011

Comics Senses

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My hand drawing in 2005

When I was a child, I really like drawing. I was drawing all the day. Although in my elementary school, while a teacher explained something in front of the board, I did my hobby in a piece of looseleaf. Drawing make me feel better. Drawing is about clicking your hand by line and line and so on, it will be something called Art. Especially for comic, I am the person who has a sense of reading comics. I have a lot of comics. I love anime and manga.
I broke up with my first boyfriend, and I made a real comic by my self. Yes, when I feel sad out of my heart. When I was been hurting. I will back to my hobby. Usually, I make a real story in my life ;P I never admit it. Hehehe

Like this pics:

all the layout of comics (2005)

When a man and woman meet in a side way (2005)

Male character (2005)

My pic on 2011

I don’t understand how could I make this comics, I just know that drawing make me warm. Make me satisfied. Eventhough, I have never drown again. I miss it. But I don’t know why, this hand became rigid now. This hand prefer to writing something to be shared to anyone.
In my cases, I just want you opened your eyes, skill is about exercise. I have a skill. Anyway, I still drawing when I want. But from my friends opinion, my art not best as I did yesterday, as I did the last. She know that my hand had been rigid for several time. So, I don’t want you became like me. It is not funny! It is serious. Your skill is something called miracle. You have to polish it.  Aware! I am afraid if your skill kills you. Yes, if one day you cant feel your skill, you will be really r e m o r s e.

Don’t do that. Always shining your skill. However, it just a little experience and exercise. You have to try to polish!

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