Jun 17, 2016

I've got an Acnes!

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Hello, sorry for having been there for almost 2 months! I really appreciate you re willing to wait my next article bout life and beauty. Btw i feel not beauty at all, recently. There are more acnes to my face and it sudden after i've got a long trip to Sby Jogja for 2 weeks.

Yes. one day i try any other skincare from Dr. Cantik near to my house and realized for a month that i do not really have a clear skin before and after. As you saw in other post before, i have no problem of acnes, scars, comedogenic, etc. But after using that skincare, whatever otherhand said about detox, i dont believe it. I really not appreciate the skincare which breaks me out just for maintenance step.

When the cream isnt okay to my faces then the result is :

This pics taken from 15 Mei

I was so desperated to cure my problems and doing facial to London Beauty Center for facial and peeling, and 2 weeks later go to Erme Beauty Centre for facial gold. I dont know why this is so awful for me cause i'm not usually got acne like ever like this in my life. 
I was trying every single product of acne, like Benzolac 2,5%, Clean and Clear, and Tea Tree Oil. 

I will review it for the first Benzolac. This is the faster acne collapse. I use it in 3 days and the acne's gone. But the bad part of doing this is red mark which still in. I have done use it before doing facial ahead.

The second is i combine any of this and this is work without leave behind red scar.

I use the Body Shop tea tree oil for 10 minutes then i added a gel of acne Clean And Clear. Really works for me for tipsing all of you!

This method works not as fast as benzoyl but i prefer it cause there is no red mark to my acne. And yes, i still need some times to be patient curing the acne problems.

30 Juli, I taken this pics which my acne a lil bit gone. Still there is a mark from benzoyl btw... yes it's not yet gone anyway 😹

13 Aug, the red marks lil bit gone. But still not okay. And i have another half single acne recover

Really not good if you re trying some product and the problems attack. So in my principle now, not again to try other product i'm not sure on. Fiuhhhhhh.

Acne make us feel badmood. Make me so angry suddenly cause of the circumstances. Inconfidently. And anything moreover baddas cause acne problem.

Be watch out for trying any product after you are upper 25 years old!



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