Nov 24, 2012

FOTD Tutorial Special Technique Smokey Eyes

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Today i post many things on my mind. hahahaha. pretty sorry. It just because next week maybe i will be really busy all the day long and i cant post anything for you the reader of blogger.

I love makeup! everybody knows it!

It just like you are playing wiht anykind of color.

This moment i wont let you see my FOTD. But this is my sister friends look. She has no blog. I just pick this makeup from Blackberry. For me, she is not too pretty at all. But she makes the different eith her small eyes to be look bright. And then she introduces me an unique technique bout smokey eyes. Sometimes smokey eyes applied for the bigger eyes. But she just doin that to her small eyes

She says it just about technic.
Here the picture!

The first her made all the eyes covered by eyebase. Why? it just make the color looks real and adorable.
Look at the eyeshadow techique!

-She is using a blue contact lens to make her eyes looking big at all- fufufufuuu...

1. She bold her eyes with a plum pink eyeshadow first. In all the eyelid!
2. She makes a highlight for the top at the eyelids
3. She blend her eyes with the black pure eyeshadow, it's matte black eyeshadow. Dont apply to bold cause it will looks like any black eyeliner -_-
Just being like a warm black.
4. Use a thin eyeliner, make a slick
5. Apply a fake eyelashes with a long-short lasher in all the eye. Sometimes eyelash size too big so we had to cut part of the eye.
6. Use black eyeshadow at the waterline. Just thin black eyeshadow. Not too bold.
7. Use a mascara!

Voila, i just cant explain about the eye. Hahahaha. Why? cause i dunno overall face of her makeup, but i bet that she wear a shading and tint for the nose. LOL.


Lets play with makeup!

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Rindodo ♥ said...

her make up are so vibrant and vivid, feel like seeing the whole face now. hehe, thanks for the post :)

nitahakeem said...

you too ^^ stay georgeous

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