Nov 19, 2012

MAKEOVER BRAND: Review Lip Palette MakeOver Indonesia

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Hai, this is now nitahakeem come with a post bout lipstick. Everyone know that nitahakeem is lipstick addicted. And the most and have to buy is a lip palette. 

I have some lip palette, and each product impressed me even i am not always match with the color. 

Now i wanna review a lip palette which is this brand is from Indonesia. Have you ever hear about MakeOver?
This brand is the top of Wardah Brand. This is a makeup artist from Wardah line. Indonesian brand, but the quality is really adorable internationally!

I would like to review the lips, maybe for some, i will review any product of makeover. I impressed this MakeOver.

The first impresion is a packaging. Look at this. MakeOver Lip Palette

The packaging is born to be profesional. Hey i loved the LOGO. Wow really interpresed about makeup.

MakeOver Lip Palette

We can said that 1. Red , 2. Nude-light pink, 3. Light Nude, 4. Light Brown , 5. Dark Brown
This is what i call about the color, cause MakeOver not telling the name at the back of packaging MakeOver Lip Palette.

Then, i will directly give you a color for first impression in this tissue... so you can see the different of five element MakeOver lip palette

Oh okay this is intermezzo when i swap with my hand. Hahaha...

See the beauty one MakeOver Lip Palette!
You can notice that the color is natural contour. It's a lipstick for DAILY. Cause the element is really much with Nude scent. Except the Red one anyway.

Alrite, this is the swap for the lips! This is my BARE lips, so you can pay attention the different color when i swap to another.

the fist i will show you the 1. RED.................... La, Voila Pretty Good?? Pigmentedd!!! Love Love Love MakeOver Lip Palette

Second is 2. NUDE PINK................... I have to admit that the nude pink is being a dark pink in my dark bare lips ;___:

Third is a 3. LIGHT NUDE........ We can see the pale lips -____________- Feels like i wont use it for everyday makeup, except i use it for blending to another WOW color... haahahaha. Like i have no lips you know. Cause the color is same pale as my FACE --"

Fourth, is a 4. LIGHT BROWN. Uhm, seems pretty with this color for natural occasion. I feel like warm and no offense with people. But for me, it's not adorable. hehehhee

Finally, the 5. DARK BROWN. Look sexy with this color. Oukai, but if we can tell, i see it's more interesting.

Ouh okay dear, i can tell a conclusion....
the color of 1.RED is adorable
the 2 is plain pink, not give me WOW effect
the 3 is light nude which is have to blend in other color for my bad lips
the 4 and 5 is have a same color effect.... I dunno, i am not find a big differently for the color

The scent of MakeOver Lip Palette is GOOD, is not strange my nose.

You know, i love this palete, but if i can say this color is really same with LT PRO LIP Palette number 2. Really same, just the Red of LT Pro is kind of maroon.

For daily makeup, this haul MakeOver Lip Palette is interesting, but not for party addict.

Price: 125.000
Just one serie for lip palette

And i have to tell you the bad things for this haul is the brush. Oh my God the brush really dissapointed. It is not cutting well!

So sorry for the bad pictures, but i hope you know well what i mean.

Okay, the result is if you wanna buy the daily look lipstick, this pallette helps you. This match with any other occasion like you go to campus, go to hang out, romantic date, others.

But not for the party or the SPRING LOOK.

You just go with the Autumn Look.

Okay, just it. Someday, i will give you a review about any other lip palette in other brand <3

Just be waiting!


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Penulis Amatir said...

Good review u have, completed with swatch pics too.
Actually I'm curious with this brand. I googled until I found ur blog here.
The pallete colors seem adorable especially the Red one.
Well, make me want to try it too.
Thanx for sharing

btw I followed ur blog, hope u like to follow me back^^
U can find me at:

have a nice day and stay pretty ^^

nitahakeem said...

Hai pretty, yes, it is my way to help a blogger each other. Stay georgeous! ^^

Lintang said...

fotonya narsis sekali jeng.. hihihi

Dania Ac said...

Ini yang retro red ala yg nude ya?

Alex said...

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