Nov 17, 2012

Hello Beauty Blogger!

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Hey dear, i Was really miss the day i am blogging everyday. Ahh, i am going to spent my day to Jakarta. I have to set up my career as a Banker than a Blogger.
You know what, i envy all of you beauty and fashion blogger, you are.exploring any passion on your self. You did better than. You are not bored.

Have I told you that the first i built this blog is to be a fashion blogger? Some meangirls at the college said that i am a fashion disaster.
And it is really interesting to show you all my style disaster. Cause i am sure that fashion never wrong. Fashion have no rule.

Just a wrong person said thay fashion bad. Agree??
Oke, i was seeing all the fashion blogger like Diana Rikasari or Soniaeryka  or Anastasia Siantar.
I notice that the have a good camera SLR and photographer.
I am not :(
Thats why i changes.

I would like to be a beauty blogger.:)
It is my new passion!

Ok i have no SLR. But i will make it exist.
I am still developing.
Hope that every review i choose, will helped you with that tips.

Do you know how to be a part of Indonesian Beauty Blogger??
I really want to submit if it could.

But for me, to be an independent beauty blogger isnt problem :)
It just about passion.... if you are makeup holic

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