Nov 19, 2012

How to be a good beauty blogger

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Hello fashionista and makeup lover, have i told you that i was built this nlog to be a fashion blogger, but cause i have no photographer i should change to be other passion?
Dear, i wanna be a good beauty blogger. And i really realize that i need a fasilitation.... it depends on Camera. Yes, i wanna buy a good camera which is have a good lens. You know this makeup is my turn hobby. I wanna be the best.
Even i am still independent beauty blogger.

I will live in a Jakarta soon. I think i will be really hectic as a Banker. Then, i need some place to reflexion my self. Absolutely do blogging is the way.
The conclusion is i need a good lens. I dont wanna give you a Bad picture. I want to give a good picture for you. And maybe i wanna give you a video tutorial. Thats why... do you think i have to buy SLR?
My friends said that i dont need SLR if i am just blogging. It is useless and not give you a money back. Oke we are not bloging for bussines. We just say passion.
Passion need an investement.
but we cant be fool that we paid much money just for a hobby. We are living in a realistic life.
The money have to be optimizing.

So if you were me, what you chose?
My friends said that i can Buy IPHONe. Cause the camera of that gadget is so fabulous. Every customers admit it.
Then others said i have to buy Ipad. The camera is same fabulous, but i can edited the video for makeup tutorial.
And, i am wondering how bout buy a sony handycam.... i can pick a photo focused and i can make a video tutorial.
Oh mad... i really confusing for consider. ;____;

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