Nov 20, 2012

Review Skin Food Fresh Fruit Lip and Cheek

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This Skin Food Fresh Fruit Lip and Cheek make me cannot sleep cause of the Pre Order is so a long time . Just because i am a lipstick addict, i owe you that this product is really interesting me from the first impression i see it. But as a know, from the store in Galaxy Mall Surabaya this haul priced by 110.000 and for PO it is just

Anyway, i love korean product Skin Food Fresh Fruit Lip and Cheek, it's natural... but not plain...... I see that the color is really make our lips fresh... really like k-drama artist. hahaha

Let we see how good Skin Food Fresh Fruit Lip and Cheek works!

You know what, this Skinfood Fresh Fruit Lips and Cheek is really small. Look at to my hand, it's priceless. Hahaha.

I was choosing the Grapefruit  for Skin Food Fresh Fruit Lip and Cheek cause i see that i wanna lips like Orange color, and i found that the Grapefruit is pigmented than any other color.

So, this is the swatch to my BARE lips

First swap, with flash...................................... how nice the color Skin Food Fresh Fruit Lip and Cheek blend to pink even out i bought this cause of orange color.

First swap, without flash...................................... Skin Food Fresh Fruit Lip and Cheek still looks natural anyway

Second swap Skin Food Fresh Fruit Lip and Cheek you can see that the color more pigmented in the second swap to my lips. Still looks pink but yeah i really love the natural looks.

and this Skin Food Fresh Fruit Lip and Cheek for the cheeks............... I bet that you can see the different of one picture by two side my face. The color this Grapefruit blend to be like a shading or a natural blush on, but it's being Orange like i want. But why it's not blend to be orange to my lips? Dunno why... maybe cause i have a pale face... hahahahahaaaa

In the picture, the output Skin Food Fresh Fruit Lip and Cheek is really natural, or you can see just a bit differences, but i can swear you that the real color to your face when you are hang out is really give a good output.

Then pict 1 and 2 is i use this haul Skin Food Fresh Fruit Lip and Cheek

For the conclusion, i loved this product Skin Food Fresh Fruit Lip and Cheek. It;s economic and i feel like an artist in K drama. Well done! Skin food being my favorite makeup. This is Korean Brand. Not skinfood from Viva. Hahahahahaa.


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Penulis Amatir said...

Nice Review^^
I'm a fan of Skinfood product too but only their skincare because their make up ranges seem to suit best people with fair skin. He he...

nitahakeem said...

wow, thanks for appreciate :) yes i have a pale skin. For me, korean product like skincare not attract me. hihihi... btw you have a good beauty bloog too ;)

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