Nov 15, 2012

FOTD Makeup for Graduation

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Hello guys, really a lont time ago i was post a blog because of my research project and searching for any kind of JOB.

I miss a blog about makeup tutorial. Recently, just youtube helped me for being better using makeup project.
Now, i wanna share you something tutorial for Graduation.

Do you know that, i was Graduated at 22 September 2012??

Yes, i did it!
I was making up my self, my face, with many things of my haul!

Absolutely i got MAC, many foundation plus BB Cream, lipstick then eyelashes.

I was hair do by my self too... Oh it's really easy to you know that i was impressed with the result.

The first i will presented to you is the Makeup Tips:

1. I was blending my face with many kind of foundie First is my lotion from the skin doctor. I am waitung for five minutes until it dries. Then, i put a BB Cream maybeline (rp. 35000) to my face. Why this BB Cream, cause the tone is lighter than my skin, and for a serious makeup, you have to use tone that twice lighter than your skin existing.
BB Cream done, i put Sariayu Foundation Cream Kuning Gading. It give me a pink tone. I love pink.

2. I was shading my face with darker foundation, i put Wardah Creamy Foundation with Beige Tone. I shade my face from the square side, from the cheek, nosem until chin.

3. Oh, i put a concealer too... i use that darker foundie from wardah to as a concealer. Why? Because the function is same. I have a big eyes with "mata panda" tastes. hahahah.
Then i used it for dumpling the tone.

4. I use an eyebase from Wardah too... what's the function? You need an eyebase for lighten your eyeshadow. Your blue eyeshadow will be really blue if you are going to apply this eyebase. Second, your eyeshadow will be really long lasting.

5. Blushon just for the smiling cheek. I used a peach tone with a half pink color.

6. Woho o, absolutely the eyes.I use smokey blue. I blend a light blue with a dark blue. And remember, this is not night makeup, avoid the darker eyeshadow like cocoa, chocolate, or even back. It is weird!

Then you see that result:

 You see that the eyshadow is really complexily shade. On the corner is a navy blue, not hte darker blue, and for all the eyes is a light blue. Just play with your brush. And then dont forget about your eylashes!
Oh yes, the white glitter eyeshadow in the inner corner of your eyes!

2. Hair do

This hairdo really simple beaceuse i use a manual "sanggul" It prices about 50 dollars maybe. Just aplied to your circle hair then voila, give it an accessoris


And this is two of all my friends that i just can capture ;____; I have no opportunity to capture the others.

Then OK, happy graduation Nitahakeeeemmm!!!!

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