Nov 23, 2012

FOTD Makeup Tutorial for Job Interview Part 1

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Did you ever do job interviews? I've ever!

Average job interview is the last step of the selection Jobseeker search. Over two months ago I used to achieve selection to the interview stage. Couldnt you feel that you passed  many step before a job interview  then final step make you lose the part cause of rival neighborhood?

 It never happened to me ... Alhamdullillah

Actually, when you're on the conditions of phase one of a selection, grooming is unnecessary, especially makeup. Because all selection needs brain, skill, and character in yourself. But be careful dear, it will different when you're in the final interview. Appearance is everything, though it still required you to use your brain.

But if you were there, with rivals which is mind right and looks good, then it's clear who's winning? moreover the company will not increase quotas if he  only took so limited people to fill positions in the company.

from here, the makeup is needed.

If you are female, then the makeup is a necessity that must be displayed when you are on an interview board.

So here will be done tutorials makeup for a job interview!

let's see!

The primary key in a job interview is:
1. The face is clean and matte. A.k.a ​​is not shinny oily sheen or anything that is disturbing the eyes.

2. Sharp eyes to show that you are interested in the job. Smart brain will be useless if you can not convey the aspirations through the eyes.

3. The lips are unsightly. Not taughting you to be sexy, but lips have rules for unsightly, so it can be arranged neatly and speech patterns.

Well these three things are the main points of what you should do, then we will show how to apply

The first is as I mentioned above is making ​​matte look on your face and remove all the black stain. Here, although the interviews were conducted during the day I did not wear bb cream because some BB cream contains moisturizers and day to make facial sweating. So I use a moisturizer and acne from doctors plus the foundation belonging Wardah (here the review), exactly Foundation cream which I think it was worth about 40k. The result is a matte finish, as good as the foundation owned Sariayu ... Some beauty bloggers advocate with BB Cream, but I do not know for my face is oily, use a moisturizer foundation will only make acne grow. I experienced it a few times.

Do not forget to use concealer to cover stain on the face. Dark parts such as the nose and the lip line, a line should be concealer because its shadow will make you look black.

Second, the sharp eye sight is very important, do not use the technique smookey eyes, please. hahahaha. Only use one tone or two tone matte eyeshadow to give a sharp effect on your eyes. Apply with a simple and standard. But here I give the important tips that use fake eyelashes eyeliner plus natural!
With this then your eyes will look sharp that the directors who interviewed you will focus on the eye and talk to you with extraordinary interest. Do not use excessive false eyelashes  ; P

i used pink and darkpink eyeshadow

Third, here I use Revlon matte lipstick owned a little bit glossy.

Voila be look like this!

I think the new look that you never try will make you be more proud of yourself , so that later it will increase your confidence Ra!

Do not just read, but practice. lol

see you on the next post,

Important tips: No need to use blush on! Okai??

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