Nov 23, 2012

FOTD Natural Makeup Tutorial for Afternoon Wedding Party

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I fortgot the day my friend invite me to her wedding party at afternoon. She is in Kalimantan now. She is an entrepreneur. She left Surabaya and follow her husband to work in Kalimantan as a PNS.

She want to married fastly cause she consider that being marriage will make a better miracle to her future.
She is Devi Yanuari at She was Cak dan Ning Surabaya and one of Commitee Hijabee Surabaya. Attractive!

Then, you know that in a building when you just attending an afternoon party, you cant make over your face to be glam like night party. So do I, i was being upset to think what kind of makeup i have to used for.

Surabaya has a bright scenery. The light of sun appears our city really too much too know. It was September. It's not a rainy day. Then, alrite, i found a strategy to make a natural makeup. Just like natural. Not smookey as makeup always. Just be like a human or really simply makeup. This makeup blend with your face when the light disappear in front of you.

See the natural makeup? I am not using concealer as much as i do before, why? cause your face is like a fake when you meet other people in that wedding party. The building is not cold as when you are in a night party. Come on it's Surabaya!
Then i use concealer just to make my panda's eyes not too bad as the real. But just apply a bit to make a natural look.

The first, i am just using a brown eyeshadow. I am using many brown shades from any brand. The first i used is from Etude House with one palete. Just for the outer corner of my eyelid.

Oke, we know that this is an afternoon party, but we have to realize that it is a party exist anyway, so in a party, you have to do is a shinny glitter for makeup. Then i put my makeup palete from MAC. I buy it on www.macprofesionals, . They are trusted online shop from BBM too. This bussines is owned by my aunt. Just for 500k, you get any palete from MAC. It's a haul that usually used in foreign country, caus e in Indonesia, they just sell 4 palette. Yeah, again, regulation.

Did you see a glitter? Yes i used it after i applied the brown eyeshadow to my fully big eyes. I make a shinny look so you can look fresh at the Afternoon Party.

Used the dark brown eyeshadow to your fully eyes and make a winged eyeshadow. I am just tutorial about the winged eyeshadow just like a winged eyeliner. Really easy. Just put your brush rather at the top of your outer eyes. Then use a glitter or highlighter eyeshadow to blend at the top of darkbrown.

Voila this is it! You can see my eyes with the winged darkbrown eyeshadow!

Step two, dont forget to use an eyebrow, i use darkbrown to using MAC eyeliner :p wahahaha... sometimes the output will be really bold as an Arab holic.

Uhm did you find the flash from the sun light is really hot?? Yeah, and my makeup reflected the sun as you can see the pores in a real circle.

Next, cause this is an afternoon party, i am using Fresh Fruit Lip and Cheek from Skin food like i have ever review here. It's pretty natural. Not giving you a wow effect in brightly day!

For finishing touch, make a glitter powder to all you face, a bit peach blush on my MAC Pallete, and curly your hair. Face must be shinny all the day, cause at the afternoon, maybe you will produce a lot of sweat. Oh did i mention that for the fist i used a BB cream? yes i am using a bb cream maybelline before i applied the eyeshadow.

Thank for reading, hope you can enjoy any other blog tutorial. see ya!


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