Oct 13, 2015

Review Revlon Living Lipstick 038 Peach Silk

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Happy blogging again! I'm at Calais Artisan Tea and Coffee while doin review.

I'm such an interest with this 55k thing on my lips.
So affordable price with good apperance from the first swap.

Who knows bout the variant living lipstick by Revlon?? It's an upper level from Superloustrous series on Revlon. Living lipsticks claim that they have sunprotection.

Simply white packaging i capture from the top of my room.

Balikpapan goin crazy of the bad air in a summer recently. The weather goin bad in the morning and many dust in the street. 

But okay talk bout this lipstick again, How this well tested?

A tone of peachy pink make a beautiful start for the working day.

We try with the natural face

I'd like to be covered touch up in a peachy silk 038 by Revlon. I choose this lipstick for many times like every chance i get.

how scream...

But okay lets get makeup!

and the other day i still using this addicted.

Good appearance? Very well. Peach tone bloomy in my lips. I do confidence cause this is not really sheer as i was expect. I was imagine that the living lipstick would be sheer cause of the price. But it defenses with the reality. The peach looks so brighter and deep.

I say this is a beauty haul to buy, yes with the lower price and good tone of swatch, i could said this worthed.

Everyone could expect the staying power is so-so, yeah alright, i agree. But dont hesitate the fact of friendly to wear, natural color, and office user.

Almost 2 hours this tone will be melted and lost. Need to catch up soon. This kind not longlast, like i expected before. But i'm still dealing cause i choose the right color match with my skintone.

Telling the truth the packages too simply to be a revlon, hahahha.. i dont really agree a simply package for makeup. Makeup should be gold, cause woman like diamond.

What i love is, in everyday use, while i really lazy makeup and get the naked face, shocking pink really bites me more shining. Tone actually more brighter than this photo. Everyone would like this. 

I wont look so sleepy eventhough thats real. >,<

Sometimes we dont need red to make the face exist behind sleepy mood, just get a shocking pink and find your soulmate out there.

Uhm... btw why do i look so skinny in the cheek? :(

xoxo, nitahakeem

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