May 8, 2016

Review SK II LXP Ultimate Perfecting Eyecream

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Heellooo.... for the next post, i'll review bout many sample of eyecreams for under eye treatment. 

I'll keep doing this because in on going age, i guess the eyes getting tired and super badly effect.

"Good eyes are represented of life."

Especially for me, what i have is a heirs.  Daddy has same eyes like me, we have a strength line around the eyes and no fatty things there.

I'm getting old, and being older is a momoc for a woman. So i use the eye treatment for reducing the big problem of looking not younger. hihi

Now i try the Sk 2 ultimate perfecting eye cream. I try for one sachet sample for a week.

Just about 0.5 gr / each i feel better after the first trial.

I have no evidence here by the pics, cause i guess you'll see there is no difference before and after. 

If you found it, it just really a bit good effect.

Looking at my wrinkle and strength lines?

Still better with the after pics, however this is an eyetreatment, not a magician cream. But the most feeling i've ever had is, i really love the moisture effect of sk 2 lxp. 

When applied at night, that cream isnt oily. It absorbs deeply to my under and  upper eyes really fastly. After good dreaming story, you will awake with the fresh eyes area. Like eyes wide open. 

Btw i have a dark circle not because of less sleepnight but this is my characteristic. I have no fatty under eyes, so it will cause a concave that make it look like darker. There is no other way than filler / botox to make my eyes younger (said the doctor) but as long as we still not 40++ worth to try is an eye treatment than repaired to aesthetic clinic.

Good eyes make you look younger! And i need this as a credit analyze who's always starring at computer huhu, i often bug out with maximal accomodation.

After try this item, sooner effect is fresh on eyes, feel bulky undereyes (just feel, nor the evidence) , brighter (even not really has a big difference).
Smells good, not too disturb our nose.

Btw you will feel different even in one trial.

Good product from sk2 which is i'm not tune in FTE. huhu

Repurchase? still considering any other eyecream cause i need a brenchmarking. Especially for kiehl eye cream.

xoxo, nitahakeem

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