Feb 20, 2016

Review Nivea Make Up Clear 2in1 White Control in MUD

Diposkan oleh nitahakeem di 3:06:00 PM
After using mud mask like glamglow, i really love the mud product.

I got the news that Nivea launch the foam product for cleaning makeup, whatever heavy it is.
So who wants it? everyone! 
Everyone searching for eficiency. I bet this product will be searched in any other stores.
Me too... i have had a little free haul from Nivea Body Serum. This is the one we called "sample"

hihi... i'm reviewing on my toilet :p 
Anw, i wanna test this product. Is it removing makeup?

Look ! this is my face after work. I just have a powder, eyebrow, eyeliner, lipstick.

So much bad yeah? 

Then i used the mud foam. The lotion is black inside.

You need to see clearly?

Smooth particle, black, and oily. I said yes oily. Maybe thats like a remover thing to cleanse our face.

After washing, i feel so cleany. Yes, this is really cleaned the surface. I'm getting better and fresh. The makeup totally gone!

But is it really cleanse the residu of makeup like the advertisement?

Then i try to cleanse my face again using the toner 2in1 and Tadaaaa

Residu makeup still exist!

How could i suggest the product so?
You still need a toner or cleansing milk to clean the residu. hohoho.

The surface totally look good removed, but neither the residu.

I still need my usual cleansing.
Maybe i'll use the Nivea Makeup Clear after removed by cleansing milk.

Rating 7/10
I still repurchase cause this is effiecient for traveling. Sometimes we were too lazy to pack the makeupremover, toner, cleansing milk. 
Right ?

How you feel it? 

LOL! Hahaha.

xoxo, nitahakeem

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