Feb 5, 2016

Review Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pour Couture 52 (Ysl Rosy Pink 52)

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What a good weekend!
Hi , you there blog walkin, i'm so happy writing this review in my room. Finally i have the most expensive lipstick which i was searching for in the whole world. Just because the K drama "My boy from another stars" i stare that Ysl has a pretty shade of rosy pink.
I really looking for this in any store ( but totally sold out!) and finally found with 450k rupiahs. 

Really, this is the most expensive lipstick in my purse. hahaha.
Could i say that i have to minimize my monthly budget after bought this ?? *plak*

First thing i could say, i love the whole package.

Look how gold she is!

Then the best news is the shade really best seller until sold out at the store.

me cannot deny the rosy pink of 52 from Ysl.

Looking at the packaging is a big thing yeah... it's not slim but pretty to be used to. The gold a lit bit huge when catch up.

My friend said this is stabilo pink. Yep! i feel that either, the stabilo pink really conquer the world. I'm in love with this pigmented one. Why? cause it will pop up my face when i got a simply eyemakeup. Eventhough without eyeliner.

How long the items inside? This under picture! Thats why i call it expensives! lol

Let's go the swatch baby. I will introduce you bout the stabilo shades of pink. 

I devide the swatch in another 3 line. 
1st line : 3x swaps
2nd line : 2x swaps
3rd line : once swap.

In the first swap you could see that the textur so pigmented. You will love  it so much. When in a hurry, once swap is better than ever.

Then about the staying power , that lipstick has a STAIN. Yes, stain as pretty like the light tone of pink. Longlast almost 8 hours eventhough you were eating a soup. The stain leaving in a good way. 

So i try to sweeping the lines with water. See that?

I sweep more and more with the water until the stain become like the pict. So i could say the longlasting power so much fine. Thats how we said price never lies.

Then coming on fotd todayy.....

I used in the first playdate of 2016!

sponsored by the contact lens of @eyelovin instagram which is selling a contact lens with affordable price. I've got  a couple grey contact lens with the 60% water with 135k. You dont have to buy 2 pair of contact lens with different minus of ur miopi's.

Alright, this is my first post in 2016. I'll giving many many happines for you all this year. Hope you enjoyed. 
xoxo, nitahakeem

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