Apr 24, 2015

The Wedding of Vivi Pramita and Arya Brima

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This moment held on 18 April and so latepost i publish today!

No problem, as long as this is the best moment i've ever experienced with moi kareshi, there is no worried about. hihihi

In 17 april moi kareshi came to Surabaya for the first time. He never seen Sby before. I have so many homework that interval. I have to introduce him to my family and attend the wedding by couples.

Look what i've done before he came! the day before i cook rendang for many reason i want experienced this. No instant seasoning brand lahh! from head to toe i cook this food like seriously.

How bout the flavour? so padang even not too expert as padang flavour hahahaha.. at least not as javanese rendang.

First time he came to Sby he wasnt see how this hottest city make sweat, cause the weather so cloudly. 

I picked him from Juanda Airport in the morning and we went to Sambal Udang Bu Rudy then medley to Galaxy mall asap. His schedule checkin still 3 hours later.

We bought many things. We? no... him!
i just want him to know bout Surabaya.

Then, i took my lil bro, my diamond love, azel rizki nasution to Carls Jr. I want him , i want my diamond know the first about mr arieale coming.

Look i knew that my kareshi has tired cause  we had a long time shopping at GM before.
But azel so excited bout kareshi! he said,"kak mas ari cocok ama kakak." hahahahhaa...

Then the day after, we were goin to the Akad Nikah. 

Look! at the hotel moi kareshi so prepared his stuff to be more handsome =>

OMG happy wedding day Vivi and Arya. I'm happy to be your cupid!

Two person beside me is my lovely cousin and his couple.

this the venue of siraman. 

Time to take a photo with the bride

Alright then, in the afternoon we were goin to tadaaaaa... "how i met your parents" things.


Literally my father had a lot of talking bout career as a consultant with him, but my mother take a little time to be so silent cause she dunno what she had to talk to the other javanese person i chose. lol. But she is happy with everything i do effort.

I've never had a boyfriend out of Surabaya and they must be javanese. Then i went to Balikpapan and i met everyone then i chose moi kareshi which is Padang person from Sumatra Barat.

Totally, this meeting has their own succes!

So, at the saturday night we were goin to the celebration

Helping by Savitri Wedding Organizer this celebration has a success story!
I love the decor, the menu, etc! The makeup was very exciting at all!

No wonder that this wedding has a lot of budget. lol!
My Vivi and Arya look so fabulous. But i forgot to took all venue.

This is my sweety Ryza who i really love! hihihi. Ignore the food trash there -,- but you can see the venue of the wedding decor.

Then Ryza asked me to take a photo together with moi kareshi.

Ok the last is how the wedding has a decoration photo corner !

hehehehe moi kareshi so delightfull with unbelievable pose .__.

anyway thanks to him for attending the party and for coming to Sby to accompany me. I love you like a love song baby!

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