Nov 11, 2014

Lia's Wedding

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sssooo bad latepost! it was 23 aug and i just posted now. So sorry to long for publish this. Hehehe

this is my beautiful sister celebrated her wedding day. Her beauty wedding day. My lovely sister in the world. She is younger one year than me T.T but she is the one who really wanted to married since 2 years ago.

I remembered the day she said that she really wanna built her own family, her own kingdom. She is bored with her lonely life (which is for me, her life isnt flat anyway)

She and him were enganged almost three years and i was there in their ceremonial.

so this is me, when we prepared all the things for her BIG BIG day.

Ignore the gym stuff behind me. Hahahhaa. I'm in her big house apparently. I met her family and her fiancee families too. We was ready to pick a car to go the ceremonial.

Thats my young sister too... the sister of Lia. We take a photos before being an usher at the wedding.

for make up, she used a groomer, not a bad things anyway, except my brow was so broken like a hole -,-

Foundation is great , it's blending perfectly using revlon. But anyway, i prefer kryolan as a base. My makeup was dried out after 3 hours here!

this is the decoration before wedding day held on this building. My sister loved the gold one. She really prepared this for a long time until searched all the themes of the aisle 

btw if you need to know, i am the oldest sister in this family. My big family really considered me to be married with many kind of dating man. They all wanna show this at the wedding! and you know what, this make my apperance being like the oldest to this wedding. Look my hairstyle! This need rearranged for many times. My boufant hair is a style for "the oldest sister look who have to married now"

then i feel so mature , too mature like an aunty for ceremonial.

Oh okey fine, syahrini said this is style of whatever badai.

And thats my gold kebaya. Btw after Kirana'wedding i really fall in love with such as kebaya nowadays. Especially when i see studio of Biyan. OMG, that modern kebaya so much expensive but it's worth with the design T__T

This is my sisters and I, you can see the differential of hairstyle yeah? i look so mature than all the youngers one.
Oke fine.

She is my lovely bride!!!!! Look the gown. So gold and really fabulous fits to her. My beautiful princess *hug

My lovely family above. My diamond brother whose i really missed now. :') He is the reason i life, the reason i have to be  stronger as the first daughter.

We were really happy family. This ceremonial going success. All of them wasnt Javanese tradition, just as modern as usual. There was adding traditional ceremony like siraman, midodareni. Just it.

Eventhought this isnt my big day, but happines comes to me. Why? because my sister whose really ready since 3 years ago finally got what she dreams about. There is no more perfect day than 2 people who really in love ready to be married soon! Then make their love to be really real in KUA and make a happy party for celebrate.

I hope you all really be blessed until the end of time and i will be an aunty soon!

Dont be suprised! this is me after the day. My bouffant hairstyle becames very messy and i'm so in "bodo amat" mood.
I was publish to path then everyone laught a lot of fun cause my face too  much scary to be bautiful lady! ahahhaah

and the happy news i heard about now is, my sister is pregnant! aaaaaa i will be a swetiest aunty in the world :p LOL

xoxo. nitahakeem

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