Nov 2, 2014

Story of Company Gathering

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I'm so waiting for this event for 2 months. Hahahaha. Cause for the second, i'm a candidate of the dancer family gathering.

The dance is compilation of traditional, modern, and aerobic. All the exercise time is so fun cause i am a coordinator of my bussiness unit.

i paid a teacher. hohoho. Named is Sarah. She is powerfull and energic to combine our dance and bla bla bla

this is our photo and all the stuff from head to toe

There is 6 female dancer with 3 different color costumes. Look the skirt. hihihi. So "rumbai-rumbai"

then this is our couple team! We dance with a couple of sales-consumer loan grup.

hahahahahaha looks funny to the last photo, but dunno i like it!

our preparation for starting :

and this is the picture when we got the show!

we dance in outdoor area, where is Bukit Damai Indah Club House. Exactly in the middle of swimming pool.

for closing this is me capture to the booth of gathering "Amazing Borneo"

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