Nov 6, 2014

What a busy day

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One day, the boss called all his verin in a big meeting. He spoke about the decline of mortgage application. Which is the bussines credit of mortgage became really slowly one year recently. Some of them cause of Bank Indonesia regulation, others is bout our sales turnover.

then he offered his verificator to be double job... as a verin... as a sales semi mortgage...

First time, i was a mortgage verin for two month 1,5 yeas ago (when i came to this city) ... and i used to be ots ( on the spot ) survey-ing customer in their company or bussiness.

But that was so many years ago... now i am a personal loan verin.

i have no updating bout issued in mortgage, i'm just updating bout it generally. Just like LtV for second home,third home, etc. I have no idea bout the dsr, rac, or some of step which is actually changing when i'm doing my personal loan apps.

This is my activity to be semi sales mortgage.

i visited Villa bukit ampar Balikpapan as a new developer today.

with 1,5 ha there is 84 houses will be built.

anyway, my jobdesk just bout asking and take a responsibilty if they re complaining bout my company bussines process.

i have a decision maker in Makasar. My bigboss is there. We divide our process with two distribution network. Kalimantan get to DN 2 where is Makasar is the center of processing. We transfer all analyze aps there then waiting for several times if the aps is approved or rejected.

Look. About pricing of residential, home type 36 - 45  is about 300m - 500m rupiahs.

home type 70 - 80 is about above 600m and so on..

this is Villa Gardenia Residential.

From this activity, i just know the process of making residential , this is new developer of my company. You could see the land structure of Balikpapan!

I was thinking bout how spectacullar if you have a husband who's having properties bussiness. Then, how could people built a residence from a really nude land?

the blank spot to be a big residence. Holalalaa... especially Balikpapan, where the land is so up and down like a hill. Oh, this city is really hill, not just as same as. hahahhaa.

But i see that high risk high return. This bussines have many risk. I used to act like mitigator. gahahha. Sometimes not a mitigator eh, just an avoiders. lol

then something that we have to realize is , property costs always incline with our economic scaling. The value of money is a big issues if we talk about mortgage.

in other hands, mortgage offering bout 9.75% fix one years..

Then, balikpapan so adorable to invest. But javanese land still the best choice.

and btw, i ve got sick after this ots.... i want puke for several times... i cant be driven by others inside the car. huk

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