Sep 3, 2015

FOTD Simply Makeup for dates

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Thanks for still reading my blog eventhough i wasnt show off for a long day. ;((

Btw, i'm not busy, i just have no something to fill in the desktop and taking editing my pics.

But you have so many pleasant for waiting my next article.

I wanna show bout the simply makeup for dating with your boyfriend. This is makeup i choose from instagram.

Simply and cute , right??
I really go in with this tutorial while practicing like a happiness.

The details of my makeup. 

i've got the weapon of unbold eyebrows, pink lipstick, and white peachy eyeshadow to my face. Hello i practice this at my room after waking up and bored eventually.

My tools is :
1. Nyx beautybox Kit All I've Ever Wanted
2. Lipstick Etude Lips and Cheek in rosy pink
3. Viva eyebrows in Brown
4. La tulipe blush on in peach
5. Maybelline liquid eyeliner.

This is my fully photo ready.

Oh lala my prince, just take me out of home!

I ready for the date and you absolutely could. <3

Sorry i'm not giving a tutorial enough, i was too tied up for editing, so i thought that the pics explain cleary cause i just using a simply makeup, not too bold and just for daily date.

btw.... do i look younger with this hair? hihihi...

xoxo, nitahakeem

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