Feb 6, 2012

Old Photosession

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Dadadaa... i miss the photosession. There is more a lot of FUN! :) I really have no time for photosession for more one years. Academic, Entrepreneur side, was tight up for me. When i realize that there is many knowledge which i have to learn, i need to pull my way from another fun. Yeah, many dreams, many more... there is a kind of dream that i have to catch!

Oh i havent told you yet, this is taken by Fashion Fever Shop. Which is you can click it in my right bar site the blog. Yeah, this clothing line was made by a graduated girl from Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember. She was in Architecture ITS. She is pretty, she is Arabic.

Fashion Fever gave you a lot of cutting dress. The design is so powerful. Colorful. Nad fit to anyone body. The measurement absolutely exact. And the owner always give the best for customers.

This is the vision, mission of Fashion Fever:

Fashion Fever provides what you're looking for, -best fabrics, good cuttings, worthy prices. :) ORDER: text me 08125941621 (adel)

follow me :

twitter : www.twitter.com/adeladela

looklet : adel.fashionfever :)

FashFev (Fashion Fever) is an online shop which provides you handmade fashion items such as dresses, tops, and more.

FashFev has its commitment,things you buy are exclusive, you wont find the same items anywhere. so you have what others dont have. :)

FashFev always tries giving you the best in all aspects, -designs, fabrics, and cuttings-, so you wont be disappointed. the quality you will get is worth the prices. :)

just simply send me your text : adel 08125941621

be ready for your fever of this lovely fashion dearest, because YOU is what you put on. :)

Thats why i think entrepreneur is the best choice for woman :) yes, she is my alumnus. She is perfect to design. Look at her cutting, fit to the body, and have a mix and match  from head to toe.

One day i wanna be :)

The past, i had been a model for clothing line, then, one day i will be the owner of my clothing line :p
Dream it and Run it!

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