Feb 6, 2012

Red Dress Ever

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“Red is the first fundamental color, the sensation of red being produced by the longest and slowest of the visible light-rays.  This color always typifies the active use of power.  It relates primarily to the physical body, but also has a vitalizing effect on the finer spiritual forces.  It correlates with alchemical Sulphur .  It also symbolizes the externalization of a thing on any plane.”

That’s it! There is more and more definition of red color. But in my mind idea,  I was thinking about Blossom in powerpuff girl. Yeah, I heart RED. In many several times, I bought a red car. My father do it either.  We think that, Red is the most energetic color. Your metabolism tends to work slightly faster in its presence, giving you more strength and will to get active. It is inspiring in many ways, and can even be agitating in the extreme. Red is a complex and powerful color. Understanding its symbolic meaning, allows us to read the subtext of the world, in the language of color, and even to write our own lives in shades of red.

Alright then, I saw a beautiful sackdress in Red color. We think that red is so sexy to wear. Is it? I don’t even think about  the definition of sexy, but anyway, red is so Glooming. Eye catching and make all the people look at you. Energetic, Passion, Spirit are the keyword of RED.

But yeah, in many choice, red dress have to wore by the one who has a high confidence level. Because it is not easy to get in that people will see around. From head to toe. And then, why I used this dress? No more changed! I was lost many kilograms weight and I bet to wear it in every second. Believe me, this dress is mine even since I was in senior high school! Hihii… so a long time.

Ya, I bet to wore it, eventhought, one day my weight being up and down. Its so sad to wear when you are gonna feeling so fat. Feeling so big. And also bad circumstances. 

I like this dress by the way, it combines by shawl. Unique? Absolutely.  That’s why I was buying this from department store J . this dress was made by… hmm… I forgot. But, this is limited for sure. I was bought it in Jakarta. In many others boutique.

Wanna try in red? It’s a good idea, come on!

ooooohhh, with also, my big huge glasses :p with a brown tone, a black eyes cat :D. I think that is my comfort item. xoxo

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Anonymous said...

im sorry but red doesnt fit your skin colour,nice post anyway

Anonymous said...


nice fashion blog.

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