Jan 20, 2012

Sherlock Holmes or Dr. Watson?

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It's time to watch Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson! oh God! i really love detective movie series! i was watching this movie and so proud that Sherlock Holmes not die in the moment on the war. But yeah... we dunno where Renee is. I think, when Renee loves Sherlock, everythings gonna be difficult so much. In this second movie, we still have no answered about the case. There is happy ending, but in an empty space.

I used a sackress from Mango and Blazer from Turqoise Butik made by Ivo Ananada

Then, I remember about my last 11 years old. You know what, i have got my ID as a private detective. Huahahaha. LOL! LOL! i did it partner with my lovely brother, Dion Ali Imran. We use all the case from Detective Conan. We discusses. We guessed and answered. Tryin to hypotheses and all of the packet of detective we used it.

So, i wanna study over and over again. Is this a good style to be a private detective? hahahhaa. It must be preety to be detective :p So, you can hold the enemy. You can make a lot of trick to catch your enemy. To make a victims giving up.

Hmm... i dunno what prefer you like as i Do... i think Dr. Watson meant to be me? or must be Sherlock? hmm... this white blazer remembered me about doctor :( was my goal. but yeah, i think, detective is more and more cool. So match with my rules. My attitude !

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