Jan 2, 2012

2012 : Life Proposal

Diposkan oleh nitahakeem di 6:55:00 AM
I am Nitahakeem. I made a new years resolution in aeveral years ago. I dreamed about any. All to be mine. My passion, my heartbreak. I was giving up.
Give up maybe the right choice if you dont want to hurt by your self. Like me.
Until several days ago, my friend told me,"whats wrong with dream?"
"Okay everybody has a perogative to dream."
"Dreaming is free!"
"Get your resolution. Get your proposal."

Okay, then this is my tweet proposal in 2012. Would you please gimme a second to breath? i really want to dream. I really want to be comes true... dear God...

My Life Proposal
There are anything i wanna be a useful woman. A career woman. And anything that you can say "girl power". I love my self. I dont wanna be hurt.
whispering some of my pray to You...
Please gimme a spirit!
Gimme a power!
Amien... :)

*if you wanna save this image because it is not too clear to see, mind to right click and 'save image'. It's no matter :) maybe will help you to get the resolution

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