Jan 18, 2012

Forever 21 :p

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I’m back! Dadadadada… long time no see on this blog make me so stressed. I had a lot of exam for more two weeks. And when I was in my birthday party, there is a lot of task to do, as sending email to administration. Arrange my bussines schedule. Anything. 

For celebrate my birthday, I wanna be that cute :p I think, im gonna be that old. Im not younger again. Do you ever know the brand called ‘Forever 21’? yes, I just know that anyway, 21 is the most upper bond in your age. And 21 is the age that woman feels adult. And it is so enough. We don’t wanna be too old. So complicated, yeah?

Nitahakeem in a pink rabbit EAR!! Hihihihi… is it CUTE? Or so Mad? Hihihi… oh dear… you know what, I really miss the moment when I was a young child. When I play around the garage. I play under the trees. I was wear something like accesoris. Not just like a career woman, but with the cute accesoris, like ribbon maybe? Oh, I am 22! And I still wanna wear Ribbon?? Hollydare!

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