Jan 13, 2012

Happy Birthday @nitahakeem

Diposkan oleh nitahakeem di 10:55:00 PM
Happy birthday to nitahakeem...
bless you always...
Hope everything will be in your hand...
Hope all the life proposal coming soon ...

Today is my birthday. In 22 years old i live, i show many thing in my own way. I am capricornus. I am ambitious. I am melancholic. Thats why i said in my blog that nitahakeem is cruchy, chessy, cranberry...

Crunchy is when i was in my sanguinis attitude, i'm laughing with all the people... i give them jokes, i give them all the laugh.
Chessy is when i am in a romantic drama situation, i built my tears, i drop down all the tears... i feel in a romantic moment, hold by hand. Anykind make me assimilated... make me sweat...
Then, Cranberry is the sadness moment. You know that fruit? cranberries like a strawberry. But the taste more and more acid! As tamarind. And this is the feelings of cranberry, sarcastic!

But yeah, however i am, everything i do, i have many friends, family, sibling, who are loved me in this year. From 21 to 22.
I follow all the destiny. I give my best. Giving my all.

Under this word, is my scrapbook birthday. Thanks for all the stakeholder in this scrapbook. So sorry, I cant submit all the card anniversary. I just resume that. Doesn’t mean that your best wishes is nothing. I just have no space L but well, I miss all my friends, siblings, family…

I miss all of you!

This is the birthday cake I really like it! Strawberry tastes! I would like strawberry. It is so high fruitamin and avoid all from a cancer. The design also fantastic. So envy for the creative director ! lets slice! Lets get the party started!

The birthday card too… this card accompany me to be 22 age. This card is so me… anyway, this purple ground, duplicated to my feelings. Happy bornday nitahakeem!
I hope in my 23 in the future, I’ve got someone kiss in the forehead :p
how romantic.! Hahahaha!

i hope in my 22, everything will be finished. My Proposal, My Sciencist Report, My Graduated, all of my wishes to Allah SWT. Ameen!

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