Mar 19, 2012

Naturally Face Palm

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i really love make up forever.
No, it is not about brand,
no way, it just a make up from my own brand.
This is the first time i post a natural make up. Umm, not to natural anyway, in case, if you see the result in front of me, it is so good but either much to see
And yeah, in front of the camera, anything will looks smooth anyway.

In this photo, i dont know why, my face looks so warm.
I even excited that i look so palm.
Looks kind girl, huh?
Okay, this is my natural face, someone said that i look a girl who still junior high school. Then one day maybe i will try to hang out with uniform outfit. hahaha
I really want to looks natural.
Everbody wants me look either.
I dunno, sometimes i really like the way i was experimenting my face with any other color of make up.
But yeah, anybody speak that it's better to go in warm look.

Maybe, because my inner is good? ahhaha
just kidding.

In this pic, i use a red-pink-safir eyeshadow.
i use eyeliner as always. It's an important tools for make up.

Then, this is the one i likee!! an orange lips!!
oh yeah, in 2012 orange lips is trend. There are many beautiful girl searching for orange lipstick.
Whatever it's from local brand or korean brand. The one i like is item Mango by Maybelline or Tangerine by Etude.
I said that Mango has a similiar tone with orange. so i think it doesnt matter for use in your lips.
I think we will looks sexy in this tone.
And the number one point is Orange is FIT with any SKIN. If you are white , brown, or yellow, orange make you looks fresh.
Really freash as a bread from the oven.

And then, the one i use in my cheek is a combination blush of purple and pink.
Yeah... this make up is match in any situation.

iF you are hanging out with friend, searching book in a bookstore, or in a night day, it's oke to use this look.

And, for finishing..
anyway i really miss you my blog. So sorry i have a more tied up in my life to do my final project and i cant write anything, i cant post anything even i have many things to share.

i really want it.
But yeah, im trying now :)

Have a great monday!

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