Jul 5, 2012

Personal Life: Well done

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It's 2 A.M
Again, every time I write heads are always as many off-the contents spilled.
At least put it here so much fun.
And another thing, I most like to be pursued.
Chased followed.
All my blog followed by people who are not clear what is it going.
If you just read, actually ill problems.
But if you read, understand and assume as about me, then you better go out.
However, writing is a burst of feeling. It can be overflow confusion. And one sure, cut no truth or error.

I'm just thinking.
Mate was like what?

What kind of match that?

 I cant forget my memories as a person. But I am sure, it's not a match parameter.

someone in the world is much better.
A lot.
Many good-natured.
one Day take sushi.
Tomorrow someone else take the chocolate.
Then the flowers, and et al ..

Come on, this surabaya. Both metropolitan city after Jakarta.

 everything here.
But I believe to be one, life and living.
Endure and survive.

I might get along can branching.
Yet just one in my thought.
You and you.

That the more I looked, the more I see that my best mile.

I know why I cant look good man other.
 who have looked at them very low.
Low rather than negative.
but I look down like other man is the younger, so I respect him a mace.
I do not know. They do not have any authority. Until I'm tired of responding.

At bottom of idealism,
Only you who follow my idealism.

I hate the guy who said grossont of me in fr. If bahaasa surabaya, misuh name. Shout out any sentence. I hate it. And honestly, I could immediately sense when he said the loss was his problem comes.
I made sure, my sense is gone. Any sense, sympathy, empathy, is lost.

I laughed at the reality.
How is it possible, as easy as that?

But God I like the way He learned me. Who the hell  fine day for miles. Who fits my thinking.

You, ever dirty once said in front of me. Oh, sure with ur friend. But never capable lucky in front of me, so I've lost a sense to you.

When it is gone only one, while miles lie and smoke from behind during the Job Training outside. Wow, incredible sensation.  great loss.

i dont need you've changed.

Loss of a sense of almost half a year. So funny.
But around looking for a better man in miles I do not encounter problems found. Was about to give and accept anyone who plans to possibly the worst moreover morbidly problem.

But todays that you changed.

You try to drink coffee as a substitute for cigarettes. Dunno business what I do to eliminate ur opium . i dunno how strong the opponent opium tobacco in ur mouth. Because I know the sensation is just like drugs.


I live my life too well.
I never want to change people.
But I have to say it clearly guy in ideal character.


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