Jan 1, 2013

A Little Things She Born With It

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hey hey, happy nu year!
Uh lala... i was really bored with my rent room yesterday. Cause i have no good feelings at all. I feel sick all the day but i was hang out and then, it makes the worst to all my body -_-

Hey yeah, this is 2013. I wanna share my own photos. Especially my old photos, my ID PHOTOS!!

I cant show the original. It's better if you see my capture >-<

It makes me shy!
But it's really a momentum to share.

Everybody has their own face. Yes it just about a metamorphosa >.<

And this is my metamorph.

This id photo is made from SPMB in 2008. I was a Senior High School ! kyaaaaa >___<

And this is my ID photo after Graduated 0_0 This photo published to my CV. Absolutely when i was a job seeker.

And yeah... this... THIS... this... Uhm...

This is my Photo today. When i am a Banker

Ngahahahhaa... OMG. I am getting OLDER ! >---<
Lets see the side

so, what for? -__-

Hahahahaaa... it is really funny you know, my metamorphose. I am still seareching for my last ID from Juniaor High or elementary school. But i couldnt find it. Ok, maybe for the next update. hahahaha

sO, whats in your mind? :p

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