Nov 28, 2015

My shortest hair

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I could say that short hair is like an opium.

i was take flight to Surabaya just because i wanna take a break from rutinity and get the fresh eyes away from LCD Monitor.

Then, i search any other short hair styles and got to find this

i dont know whos the name of this korean artist?

Kyahahhaaha... i must have a big big courage to cut my hair like this. Then i choose to be this one.

Prelaunch before i decided to cut my hair.

Two hours later gonna be the...

*screaming out loud*
how could i am so brave to do this!!


The poison of short hair make me embrace the new style of 2015.
Yes, 2015 is the year of short hair in USA.  The perk of long curly hair has gone, obviously.

Is that more cute? hihihihi....
I hope this is my shortest hair ever btw, i still need to cover my neck with long hair in order not to getting "enter wind"


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